What's for Dinner #55: The March Forward Into Spring Edition - March 2020

Awesome. You have those sf yeast cultures. Put your baby in the open air for the afternoon. Put it to bed . Start to feed it after you see action. So much information on you tube.


emglow - the recipe/video I am following said to put it somewhere where it would be warm - 70-75 degrees! There’s no place in my San Francisco apt. that’s that warm, even atop my fridge. So I put it in the oven, door cracked, light on. will that be ok, you think?

That’s a few layers of cheesecloth covering it…



@mariacarmen You are so right! Seriously, we worry about how some of these restaurants are going to survive. I need to step up & try to help… :yum:


Nice looking baby

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Started the week with Indian to finish some leftovers and use up some produce.

Cabbage (that needed to be used up or gone) south-indian style with coconut, dal fry, leftover beet greens cooked like spinach, and beet stems cooked like Indian stewed beets.

Kids had plain roasted cauliflower and plain dal and complained about how it all tasted “not good” lol. I thought the (grown up) dal was particularly good tonight.

Last night we had steak after ages - sadly I overcooked it despite perfect sous vide temperature and timing. Sides were good - rosemary roasted potatoes (rosemary foraged from my daily walk), roasted king oyster and crimini mushrooms, and broccoli. Delicious gravy for the steak from the sv liquid and a few additions.


Sorry I didn’t respond sooner - couldn’t find the question, though I knew I had seen it!

Steam the whole cauliflower (stovetop or microwave) till its halfway done. Then coat it well will your desired mix of spices and herbs, and plenty of oil. Roast in a hot oven (400-450F, whatever won’t set your alarm off) till its burnished and crusty on the outside - you want a bit of char.

It’s really good when the spice/herb mix gets into all the nooks and crannies so it’s well-seasoned throughout.


Thanks @escaped! Doing ok, but missing home. One month away and counting.

Hoping this comes under control soon, and the worst will be behind NYC (and the country/world) soon with distancing, isolation, and quarantine adhered to where it’s needed.

I have a lot of friends who are doctors and on the front lines: I think I’m worried for them more than for the rest of us, given the tales I’m hearing about equipment and protocols.

I’ll be happy to go home, but I don’t think that’s going to be for a while.

Sounds like you are well-stocked and hunkered down.


I was able to get some beef shank off Amazon Prime Now from Whole Foods and made a batch of beef noodle soup on Saturday (recipe).


Finally tried making the Ottolenghi curried red lentil soup that I remember @Saregama mentioning. Yum. I only wish I made more to feed the freezer.


Yay! Glad you liked it! I was just thinking that it needs to make an appearance again, and I have coconut milk, so maybe this week!

Try Chrissy Teigen’s carrot soup too - I was alternating between them for a while.

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That carrot soup looks interesting, too.
Tasty dishes that I can make with pantry goods and longer-storing ingredients—hello, coconut milk and carrots—are super useful right now.


Looks wonderful.

I definitely think this was the case for many restaurants here that were not geared for takeout. I see a lot of closures except for cuisines that either already offered take out or were quick to adapt.


Very, very glad that you are out of the hot spot. It’s scary out there.


STUNNING!!! Both the frittata and the loaf of bread!

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This will be incomprehensible, I know, but dh and I were trying to remember if we had EVER ordered food in. We did used to drive for pizza pick-up before we got slothful and making our own. It’s just so easy to cobble something up in the time that it would take for stuff to arrive. Impatient troglodytes with a campfire, that’s us.


I’m the same way, @pilgrim. IIRC, I’ve never ordered takeout or delivery since I’ve lived in MA (31 years). Unless it was with a group of people at their house, but not at mine.


Right. I remember my aunt hosting us and my parents at her apartment and asking us to pick up a large order of Chinese she had placed. She gave us the name of the place that was close by. I went into Chung’s and asked for the order. They had none. We pondered and harangued before I called my aunt. Well, she certainly HAD placed the order, she insisted,…at Jung’s.

Okay. Drive several blocks further and there it all was.


i get it. and we didn’t do a lot of ordering in before this because a) most places if we were to order in are very walkable to us, so we wouldn’t do delivery, but maybe take-out; b) we have to eat out quite a bit already at restaurants for my reviewing gig; and c) we like to cook. But now we’re ordering food to go or delivery to help out local businesses, so I can review them and get the word out that they’re still out there, viable, and needing business. Yes I get paid for these, but we don’t need do this to feed ourselves. But i do know there are a lot of places in the country that don’t have access to restaurants that deliver or do take-out, and instead just had to close. :frowning_face:


I made what I’ll call Chinese Salisbury steaks in spicy black bean sauce, with loads of veggies, served over cauli-jasmine rice. The patties were an attempt to entice the kiddo, who isn’t big on loose ground meat. Added chili after portioning his.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold