What's for Dinner #55: The March Forward Into Spring Edition - March 2020

Hopefully, things will get better, if not you’ll need some medical advice. Do you have any idea what is the causes of this?

Headspace!..not medical advice

That prime rib and garlic bread is a thing of beauty!

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Getting in just under the April wire, a turkey pot pie-ish stew (leftover roast turkey, carrot, onion, lima, celery, gnocchi) w/buttermilk biscuits.


Phreddy , just the person I wanted to see . I looked and looked for your stew recipe which was fantastic . Do you mind printing it again . Thanks

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Of course I do @naf - anxiety, fear, and worry over this Corona thing! Along with a little mishap that makes walking painful, so probably not discharging enough energy, except mentally.

Thanks @shrinkrap, I will definitely give it a try!

What are DD’s food quirks?

Oh, yum! Pretty bowls, too.

@Lambchop maybe you can ask your Dr. to prescribe Belsomra. My Dr. recently prescribed it because I always have trouble sleeping (even before this COVID 19 nightmare). You take it about 1/2 hour before you are ready to sleep. There are no drowsy side effects in the morning like other sleeping pills. I used to also take .25 MG of Xanax but I became immune to that after a while. Belsomra can be expensive if your insurance company doesn’t cover it. The Dr. had to get a special approval from Aetna before I could get the prescription. Aetna approved it for 3 years. It costs me about $30 for 30 pills. I’m not sure what a 90 day mail order supply would cost since I just started taking it & wanted to try it out first. Anyway, good luck & I hope you are able to get a good night’s sleep soon!


Exceptionally proud of the neon colored plastic Ikea plates that we bought when the kids were little and we were poorer, and have not tossed despite their kitchy ugliness, because they are so handy!


She prefers not to eat things that I’m cooking. Smile.
But seriously, it’s always evolving. I’d say many veg, lots of carbs, and “fast casual” take out. I knew she would decline steak, but I really didn’t expect her to take me up on the chicken either. She said yes, so I ended up making both.

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Thanks @paryzer - will certainly be exploring options with new Doc, to which I was assigned by my insurance, at the beginning of my health crisis. Wasn’t happy about the switch, but do like her, and feel she’s a good doc who asks all the right questions.

Happy eating through this unsettling time & hope you and your lovely wife remain well!

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Are we still in March or we just afraid of April Fool’s Day?


You had mentioned a while back that you made it vegetarian - I love that your kid is making it now too!

I will say that its restorative powers are indeed in play - I’ve been off and didnt have an appetite for lunch the past few days, but I converted one container of stock into proper chicken soup for lunch today by adding vegetables and it hit the spot!

I use those as picnic plates! The whole set is perfect for park stuff in the summer - wine glasses in cute colors!

Yes! I knew I was onto something :slight_smile: They are great for snacks or small meals too, and you can cram way more of them in the dishwasher than larger ceramics.

I think theres a lot of that going around - cooking/eating other people’s preferences, I mean.

We have certainly devolved a bit where common ground is concerned.

There’s a kid meal (usually very easy, with salad and veg common to the adults), then a veg adult meal and a non-veg adult meal. The trick for the adult meals is that the adult choosing the vegetable sides doesn’t always pick something that goes with the other meal, which can get frustrating.

I’m trying to suggest a single theme for the overall meal to simplify the matching, and also need for thinking. ie Italian for everyone, or Thai, Indian, etc. We have bad outcomes when one person goes rogue on cuisine and then the sides don’t work unless they’re just simply roasted veg or a big salad.


Thanks @Lambchop! I wish you the best of luck with the new doc, and hope she can find a solution to your sleepless nights!

Oh @shrinkrap, my oldest, at 34 sounds just the same - I empathize. She does eat a wide variety of stuff, but is picky about what goes with what. Family dinners have to be carefully decided, with heavy input from her. H is the one who totally spoiled her though!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold