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In my continuing ripoff of the old semi-homemade show, I give you truffle flatbread.

This was high quality chow and made without any of those fancy and usually fake truffle oils. I used a Boboli thin crust cut in half to fit in the Breville and then coated it lightly but completely with this stuff.

There are a lot of different brands of truffle sauce but I swear by this brand, Elle Esse, which I’m almost sure means “This here eating stuff” in Italian.

Then I used some fresh shredded parm more as seasoning than cheese, two slices mozz, a hearty pinch of Penzy’s Italian Saltless Shake, and a few grinds of salt before placing in convection mode at 450.

Yummy :yum:


Mixed grill, what else? Charcoal always worth the time. Been using the gas grill a bit but the flavor does not compare.
NZ Strip and Iberico Rib Fingers along with Anticucho Beef Heart and Chorizo Toluqueño both from Exito in Long Branch.
Rib fingers are deboned ribs…decadent. Toluqueño had a bit of heat. GF ate the Anticucho. I’ve had it but prefer other things.


Oh man!! 4th of July party at Kaos!!!


Next raise, or Derby Superfecta win, and you’re all invited. Have Iberico Striploin and Kurobuta 1/2 smoked ham thawed and on deck.


Yeah, it’s very nice.

I don’t usually eat pork but when I do I go to Spain (and do it eat in one form or another every day I’m there).

Even the Iberico that contains very little “Iberico” tastes good. For export they don’t even disclose the quality, most of the time. But in Spain, it’s very strict. Here is a simplified chart of Classification of Iberico ham and pork products. The original ID must be attached. The ID contains all the info about the pig that can be traced back to the farm and the farmer/producer.

Check out the cuts:

I tried the solomillo just once. Would rather have other cuts.

Just a typical charcuterie in Andalucia. In the La Dehesa the Iberian pigs have a better existence than some of us.


Great info. Aljomar happens to be what I am eating. 75-100% Iberico Cebo de Campo. Still have not tried the Pluma or Secreto. Jamon always worth it when I see it on a menu. Can’t imagine having one in the house.


Lomo (striploin).



Drooling on the screen!!

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Well, staying on the pork bandwagon I thought I’d share this. My daughter has a friend who runs a small farm in Mendham. (yes, Mendham) Due to the vagaries of butchery laws I will say we received half a pig from him. Not a fancy Iberico but a quite lovely 7/8 Berkshire and 1/8 Gloucester Old Spot mutt :smiley: They only raise a few pigs, most of what they do is sheep.

I’ve only had a small leg roast so far and the skirt steak and they were amazing. It is our first foray into getting meats locally and it is well worth it.
(That one slice of roast looks more under than it was…don’t come for me pork police!)


My Passover Seder meals blogpost:

At Home 2022: Passover Seder Dinners for Three | The Wizard of Roz (wordpress.com)


Not really fried rice, but similar. Someday I might try to authenticate it but then I think it ain’t broke, so I ain’t fixing it.

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Truffled mac n cheese. I used to shy away from making this as I’ve never found a decent truffle oil, but this black truffle sauce from Elle Esse is mostly truffle and tastes great. Now if only I can do something about the color …


When the weather dictates the meals. Chicken Soup and Lamb Shanks.


Oh my…


Gosh darn-it that looks friggin delicious!!! Yes I have shank envy!! (Hey it’s 2022 a man can admit admiration for another man’s shank!)

If I may ask what are the deep red chopped items vegetables for the shank? Red onion? (looks like chopped beets but I can’t imagine that taste profile) Also any wine used in the sauce?

Looks amazing!


Thanks and happy to take shank compliments from anyone. First time making shanks and they came out pretty good. Rainbow carrots with celery and onions. Added Rossi Hearty Burgundy, chicken stock and a can of crushed tomato along with olives and capers. 3 hours later…
Now getting ready to hit that Derby Super later today!


That’s why I asked the question, I make shank/osso bucco a few times a year. I can honestly say I’ve probably never made it the same way twice. The beauty of it is besides the carrots and onions you can throw in any number of seasoning and tomato based products.

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