What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

This looks delicious! Good job !

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Grabbed my veal chop from them yesterday, haven’t tried their steaks or pork yet. Have you tried the Berkshire from Shop Rite, I’ve been very happy with their meat dept.

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Nice platter and I agree it was a great day to grill. I finally grilled whole fish. Stopped by Shoprite and they cleaned up a Branzino and Snapper for grilling. Stuffed one with Rosemary and the other with parsley and lemon. Nice item to add to the repertoire.
This was first course, followed by grilled bone-in NY Strip with farmstand Long Hots.
Good eating day.


Shop-Rite is too big. I get lost in there.

Little amatriciana today. Saw someone making it on Instagram and here we are


A rare breakfast today: pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin cream cheese and pecans.

Last night was our Oktoberfest: Chicken Schnitzel, mushroom gravy, German potato salad, and asparagus.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold