What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

That really isn’t so bad. Enjoy!

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Today being the last day to clean out the cabana at the beach club means it’s officially the end of summer here in Jersey. To help welcome the change of season from summer to football I decided to make some good old Italian comfort food. A nice pot of gravy and meat with extra large rigatoni’s with a dollop of fresh ricotta.

I’ve been drinking a little more wine lately, decided to try a new favorite. (Here’s looking at you @paryzer)
Not too bad for a lazy Sunday…cheers!!


Great looking dinner @NotJrvedivici, and a spectacular wine pairing!


I can smell your kitchen looking at this.
Fantastic, also props on the baller level wine sir!!

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Looks great!!! I can almost taste the gravy.


I’ve never done ricotta with rigatoni before, usually I only do it with fusilli, but that’s an interesting take…hoping today was filled with meatball part hero’s galore on some nice semolina bread…cant tell form pic, but looks like sausage and meatballs (nice char/crust on those bad boys)…any bracciole?

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A good friend got me some fresh dill, mint, and parsley so I made lamb burgers with a yogurt sauce. Plated with yellow rice and a small salad, this was my breakfast this morning.

There was so much fresh herbs that I packed the lamb burgers with lots of chopped herbs too, but the yogurt sauce still was chunky with herbs. Good eats, as Alton would say.



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If that was your breakfast what time is your execution scheduled for? Last time I’ve seen someone have breakfast like that they had to be in “the chair” by noon! (If you never respond I guess I was too late to say goodbye)


I’m back! Reports of my demise have been grossly exaggerated @NotJrvedivici !

Hot sausage pot pie. This came out tasting better than I had hoped. And no, I did not make the biscuits for the topping.


(Pro-tip) I too use commercial biscuits for crust on my chicken pot pies. (I’m a firm believer in if you can’t make it better yourself don’t let pride stand in the way of a better meal) I roll my biscuits out flat into a sheet and place it on-top like a pie crust. This way if need be, I can brad about the fact I made the dough/crust!!! (shhhhhhhh!!!)

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Keeping this one on the local What’s Cooking board because this is a bit of a non-traditional version of this dish, which is a copy-cat from one of my all time favorite Italian Restaurants, Jimmy’s in Asbury Park.
This is a very close replication of their chicken scarp!! Over the 27 years I’ve lived in Monmouth County this is the ONLY dish I have ever ordered there. Even my wife wasn’t love at first site, but it was for me and Jimmy’s Chicken Scarp! I’ve probably made this dish at home 50+ times over the years and I can finally say after dozens of tweaking my recipe I think I’ve finally cracked the ingredient and preparation code. The only difference at this point is the sausage, I really need to find the right sausage like they use, it’s much thicker in diameter than most commercial sausages I find and no, I’m not making my own. lol Those days are long over.

Not to toot my own horn but (toot :steam_locomotive:toot :steam_locomotive:toot) this was friggin delicious.


Looks great! Did you make the Jimmy’s salad to go with it?

No because all things considered in today’s “new normal” I didn’t want to potentially interrupt the global supply chain of anchovies to attempt to make the dressing. (hope all is well with you and Mishy perhaps we can do a Jimmy’s night soon, since I saw you posted you ate outside there. Hopefully before it get’s too cold. I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to invite some sea-life to join us)


This is the most important thing I learned as a caterer. Know what too spend your time on versus your money.


I am still alive and have been lurking JR…that dish looks delish! (exiled here in south Florida)

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold