What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

Happy 80th @RGR :partying_face:

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@seal Thanks, David!

I was wondering about a related issue, posts about restaurant meals that I had noticed in the Whats for Dinner thread. Someone looking for good restaurants in NJ wont be able to find those posts, they do not get indexed to the state. Cooking discussion in the cooking forum? Either way its great for the community that wants to talk about food.

Maybe a “where am I dining these days” thread or something for New Jersey?

The topic has come up a few times. The bottom line is a lot of the members “here” prefer to play in their local sandbox vs. the broader What’s For Dinner thread. Truthfully, I can understand their perspectives, so we’ve kept this thread alive.

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Shrimp Ceviche, grilled Iberico Abanico and irish Nature Beef Sirloin Flap. Served with grilled Scallions/Jalapeno and Tomato Onion salad over Bibb lettuce. Iberico has so much flavor. Seek it out.
Baked Penne.
And…bacon just because.


Breakfast for Dinner anyone?


An unexpected mix today.
Blackened Chicken Thighs, Octopus Ceviche, Papa Huancaina and Octopus with White Bean Puree/Caper-Scallion-Parsley Salsa.


Just finished making some chicken liver mousse for tomorrow. Starting tomorrow with a bloody Mary and then and old fashioned to prep for the frying of the turkeys.

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Yesterday was the 3rd day of Thanksgiving leftovers fatigue. (Ok we went to Pete and Elda’s Saturday night, but other than that it’s been 24/7 turkey and stuffing leftovers)

I had to get a little inventive in order to slip another Thanksgiving leftovers dinner on the family, so I got a little creative.
Thanksgiving Day eggrolls!! Turkey, stuffing, cornbread and cranberry sauce stuffed and fried in an eggroll, dipped in turkey gravy. (wish I had left over cranberry sauce to use as a dip too) Actually pretty darn good!!!

Too much apple pie, well I have an eggroll solution for that as well! Apple pie eggrolls, out of the oil and into the brown sugar for a nice, sweet coating. Honestly very reminiscent of the original Mc Donalds apple pies.

Don’t worry family, something new is coming tonight!


Great idea. Was thinking of Thanksgiving empanadas but never got around to it.

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Just the two of us at home on Thanksgiving Day. I cooked! We had a 12 lb. turkey and everything that, for us, traditionally goes with it. Here’s my blogpost:

At Home 2022: Celebrating Thanksgiving | The Wizard of Roz (wordpress.com)


I call this Almost Scarpariello. And Still Tasty.


I don’t care what you call it, I’ll take a plate full!

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Bucatini with spicy sausage, garlic, and a Gochugaru Cream Sauce with scallions and Romano.


A preview of the menu from yesterday’s “tailgate breakfast palooza”:

Bacon - Sausage - Porkroll - Egg and Cheese Sandwiches with sides of home fries. Not exactly the outcome I was hoping for with the Giant’s tying the Commanders. I guess it’s better than a loss but certainly not a victory!


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