What’s For Dinner #87 - the Holiday Menu Planning Edition - November 2022

I was thrilled to find steamers at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. I usually shop for seafood at the Greenmarket, where I haven’t seen them in while. The greens were harvested about an hour before I ate them, so yeah, pretty fresh!

The only problem with the meal was that the leeks in the soup didn’t puree well, so they were stringy.


Made Penang-style pickerel, with frozen pickerel from a Dutch fish smoker who sells smoked and unsmoked lake fish at the farmers’ market, curry paste, dried lemongrass, coconut, lime leaf, peanuts, fish sauce and chilies crisp.

Inspired by this recipe https://www.sitkasalmonshares.com/blogs/culinary/recipes/panang-fish-curry

I used flaked desiccated coconut instead of coconut milk.

Also made these peanut noodles, eyeballing the measurements.


Steak tip with Ballymaloe steak sauce, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes (because both bakers I had purchased recently decided to go bad) tossed with salt, Tuscan Sunset, and lots of cracked pepper, and steamed asparagus. I had a wee bit of sour cream for dipping the roasted potatoes.



Collard greens, ham shank, kilebasa, yukon golds and pot likker. Corn bread with beaucoup beurre. Tomato, cucumber, red onion salad, oo & v dressing, dried basil. There was a Bombay rocks.


Boneless-skinless chicken thighs with a smokey, spicey rub and honey-cider-vinegar glaze. Slaw with peanut-soy-ginger dressing. Steamed rice. The red sauce was sriracha, and there were some sesame seeds for the salad which didn’t make the photo.

Cabbage, carrots and scallions from the garden.


We enjoyed Mrs. P’s Andouille sausage pizza al fresco, on the deck, during an unseasonably warm November evening. It went great with an excellent Columbia Valley Syrah.


Seems like i’ve missed a few meals…

Wed. night the BF made a zucchini pasta sauce with shredded chicken, onions/garlic/milk/parm. We got a ton of veggies from one of my sister’s client’s garden - zucchini and a LOT of cukes, among other things. There were these wrinkly little cukes and round lemon cukes, so i’ve been eating a lot of salads for work lunches, and the BF’s been making a cuke salad of one sort or another with every meal.

last night, he made a chicken soup with Asian flavors - sesame oil, a little soy, my chicken stock, chinese sausage, rice cakes and egg. He was supposed to use the leftover buckwheat noodles we had from a recent take-out dinner but forgot! he wasn’t a fan of this dinner, but apart from being a little salty and that i’d really wanted those buckwheat noodz, it was pretty tasty. he also had a pork bun i’d picked up for him from 99 Ranch, and another cuke-centric salad.

tonight was take-out from a new Yucatecan taqueria that opened on the next block over from us. the best were the cochinita pibil tacos - super juicy and flavorful! I’m reviewing the place so i’ll post it on the SF board soon.


Nothing genius or original here - 93/7 beef, bread crumb panade with milk, finely minced onion, egg white, maybe one tsp Knox gelatin dissolved in a little milk, finely shredded Parm Regg, a little granulated garlic (don’t care for raw in meatballs), splash of soy sauce, s&p. Used a small cookie scoop to drop them into simmering sauce.

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Get in mah belly!

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Last night was a super-quick meal before the (no animal) circus: “Asian” slaw with crispy ramen and pan-seared pork chops.


FWIW, I’ve not once fried the chicken as the recipe requires. I use BISO thighs and roast them at 375, starting skin down. They take about 45 min, I turn them once halfway through, then blast under the broiler if the skin needs crisping up :slight_smile:

I just add a few drops of sesame oil to the chicken marinade. I love the recipe bc it’s very simple & delivers big on flavor.


Last Night’s dinner was Pesto Pasta. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. I got the Pesto from Dollar Tree (of all places) mixed it with some olive oil and the end product really came out nice. I have enough Pesto left over for another dinner.


Wow! Making your own fettuccine is next level cooking. Way to go. That pasta looks fab!


WBOSC as opposed to PSTOSC!


Thank you!! Basically, I combined techniques from three youtube video(s) to come up with an easy way to make fresh pasta. America’s Test Kitchen, Glen and Friends cooking and Food Wishes (Chef John) each offered some great tips.
After eating my own pasta, neither my girlfriend nor I want to go back to commercial pasta. I’ll still keep a few bags in stock for emergencies (power outages), though.


Thanks for the tips.

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Fun night out with another couple last night at one of our favorite restaurants in town.

A buddy of mine was working the meat station, so he gifted us an extra app of tuna tataki. We shared bone marrow (the largest bone I’ve ever had) with tartar and a beet & endive salad with hazelnuts & blue cheese between the four of us, then each got our own main. I had seared scallops with polenta, my PIC the thick pork chop with spätzle (legit) and apple, and our friends got the half chicken and cod, respectively.


Tonight I made Romanian meatball soup (Ciorba de perisoare) served with wide egg noodles. Turns out my kiddo really likes diced parsnip and rutabaga. Little weirdo (he dislikes potato and carrot). Nice green salad by my DH. I mixed ground pork and lean ground chicken for the meatballs.



Hat tip to the Onion who mentioned it first…


Intended to follow @Amandarama’s lead with fish on potato rafts. But then a gorgeous piece of swordfish called my name at the fishmonger’s and I didn’t think it lent itself to that. So I (over)did the potato slices on their own, cooked the swordfish my usual way (sear both sides in hot butter then into oven to finish) and added the last of the Turkish-style braised romano beans from the freezer with cobanero chili and lemon juice. Kalamata-caper compound butter on the fish.


A glorious day to be out and about doing errands. Or whatever else was on your agenda. I’ll take 79° weather in New England in November!

A couple of boneless pork loin chops were seasoned with s/p and pan-seared in olive oil and butter and finished in the oven.

A spicy apricot-mustard sauce was made and set aside.

Orzo was cooked in pork stock and wine, and finished with a small handful of dried marjoram, savory, and freshly minced parsley, and s/p.

Brussels sprouts were halved and tossed with olive oil, s/p, and Bouquet Garni and roasted in the convection oven.