What's For Dinner #79 - the Carly Simon "An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun" Edition - March 2022

They were like piranhas and when the wave disappeared only the bones were left. They even ate the APPLE!


You need to do it. It is an experience. Maybe not of a lifetime, but you will be able to trade on those stories for a LONG time.


I had penne al vodka last night. I pulled some homemade marinara out of the freezer and used it to make the sauce. I broke the pasta law and used the little bits of cavatappi and penne that I had hanging out in the cabinet. I know you aren’t supposed to cook different types of pasta together b/c they have different cooking times but that combination seemed to work. It was good and I have leftovers for like 2 more meals.


Zuni chicken and bread salad


Oven Italian Beef (made with Costco stew meat and beer), shredded for sandwiches. Beside a fresh apple/orange salad and chips. Posting the recipe for “my way” below as a self-reply for future WFD and WMP references.


Italian Beef Stew meat w herbs in slow cooker or oven My Way

1 pound beef chuck, cut in 1-inch chunks (I use Costco beef stew meat)
4 cloves garlic, minced (2 tsp. jarred)
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes / Crushed red pepper, to taste
2 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried rosemary
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper (twice around pot)
1/2 tsp salt or to taste << be sure to put in this much at least – dull if under-salted
1 bay leaf
12 - 16 oz. beer

Oven – place all in roaster. Cook 2 hours at 350 degrees. Shred beef for sandwiches, keep all liquid – use slotted spoon to place meat on bun.
OR Place all in slow cooker. Cook 2 hours on high, reduce heat to low and cook 2 hours more. To serve as chunks beside potatoes, I used slotted spoon to remove meat & discarded cooking liquid. If making shredded beef for sandwiches keep some (1 C or more) of the liquid to add back into shredded meat.


This is it right here. Supposed to be for chicken but I didn’t see the harm in using it for beef.


So happy that you had a great time!

Patatas bravas was one of the dishes we’d invariably order at Dali—funny how the simple things stay with you. Well, that and the wall of lingerie. :laughing:


First homemade Friday night pizza in awhile. What’s hiding beneath that arugula with a drizzle of balsamico? Shiitake mushrooms, little batons of salami, and Maplebrook mozzarella cheese (added in the final minutes of baking).


Welcome @NJChicaa !

Thanks for posting the photo, I’ll look for it in the shops.

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Pffffttt… You do you. Your house, your rules.
Leftovers for the win!


Crispy crunchy potatoes with a garlic sauce. How can you go wrong when they’re cooked to perfection? Simple is sometimes the best.


I have to make this someday. It’s on my list!

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Rancho Gordo Black Garbanzos, Linguiça, Kale


So, I take it, Dali is a place you would recommend, should we make it to Boston this year?

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Nigella’s take on the Union Square Cafe bar nuts and a charcuterie and cheese plate.


Others on the Boston board might disagree with me, so please post there as well. I guess it depends on what you want. And I’ve never been to Spain, so I don’t know what is considered “usual” at a tapas restaurant.

Dali is the first Spanish tapas restaurant in the Boston area, opening back in 1989, I believe. I’ve been going there for a little under 30 years…and met someone last night who was there on opening night. Originally they served beer, wine, sangria, and a few aperitif and after dinner drinks. They are now a fully licensed bar.

Their menu sticks with what I know as traditional tapas, as known and designed by their late owner, Mario. Their clientele become family after several repeat visits; I and a friend at the time were recognized by Julio and Cesar behind the bar on our third visit many years ago, and so began my love affair with the restaurant and their staff. I was at their 20th anniversary party (mostly staff; 4-5 regular clientele), and they’ve become my Cheers.

I can go there on my own and enjoy the sunny atmosphere inside even when it’s dismal outside. (I’m not usually one to go to a bar or restaurant on my own unless I feel very, very comfortable there.)

So I’ll say that they hold a very warm place in my heart not just as a steady restaurant, but for the conviviality and welcome I always receive, even after not being there for 6 months. (I used to go almost every week or two weeks!)


A much lighter meal tonight after last night’s indulgence: lemon-pepper shrimp with a white wine and shallot sauce over herbed rice, with the last lonely asparagii in my fridge.

And despite last night’s indulgence, I had a glass of white wine.


We’ve had tapas in Spain and we’ve had tapas in NYC. I don’t care if the tapas are traditional and correct. I just care if they’re good. You seem to say that they are good. That’s good eniough for me.