Recreating Regular Chowhound Boards Here

Here are some of the regular CH boards that there will be interest in recreating:

  • Weekly Menu Planning / WMP
  • Cookbook of the Month / COTM
  • Dish of the Month / DOTM
  • Baking cookbook of the quarter / BCOTQ

These exist in some form here, but may get a lot more comments and need a recurring thread:

  • What are you Baking (monthly on CH, annual homemade treats thread here)
  • Cookbook deals / What are you buying or thinking about buying
  • Cookware
  • Trader Joe’s

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch

Can the mods help with some stricture / instructions on how to do this smoothly — and creating the necessary tags? @hungryonion @sck @naf @biondanonima (sorry — I know I’m missing others!)


Thanks @Saregama, Cookbook of the month is created:

Hope everyone enjoy!


We normally do a cocktail book for the year with nominations and voting in May and participation starting in June.

There is also Cooking from threads as well for people who want to cook from a cookbook which isn’t a


We have a Dish of the Quarter category already - it sort of spun off of the Cuisine of the Quarter thread and because I wasn’t sure we’d have enough posters/interest for a monthly thread, I kept it quarterly. If one of the CH refugees wants to take it over and make it monthly, that would be great! I don’t have time to go through the nomination and voting process each month, unfortunately. Keep me posted - since we are coming to the end of the quarter in a few weeks, it might be a good time for a transition to monthly (and a hand-off to someone else if that occurs).

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@biondanonima On CH we have a group of coordinators for DOTM, and we sign up for months to coordinate. Same for COTM (we used to have one coordinator for a six-month term, but have transitioned to the team system that DOTM uses). I’m already talking to our COTM coordinators about moving over and as you see here, an initial thread has been created. I’m also one of the DOTM coordinators, and I suspect we are also going to want to move that over. At this point, I don’t know if all of the COTM or DOTM coordinators will come, but we can recruit more! I’m happy to do as much of the work as needed during the transition and going forward.


Hi Mel, welcome to HO! Thanks in advance for your help with the transition and bringing over other great posters. I was quite active on CH for many years before the Change in 2015, so I’m glad to see some familiar names here. Anyway, let me know whether your fellow DOTM coordinators come over and are interested in continuing the tradition here, and I’ll be happy to announce a transition to a monthly thread/new voting system/whatever when we would normally start nominations, around March 20. I’m also very excited to see Cookbook of the Month coming over - that was always one of my faves on CH, whether I was cooking along or no!


Are we talking about boards/ categories or are we talking about topics? Just want to make sure we are referring to the same thing.

Please go ahead and start the topics in either case, and then we can follow with the structure of where these topics should reside.

Here is the place to start cocktail for the year thread.

Other cooking thread, just go ahead to create in Cooking Discussion > Cooking, Cookbooks, Ingredients

I don’t want us to get bogged down in a bunch of specialized categories.
Our general approach works very well.

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That’s why the question whether we are creating topics, or categories. Category creation has to be logical and fit within traffic patterns. You don’t want one category to have one topic, for example.

I’m happy to help with setting up boards and any coordination through the transition period @naf @biondanonima @MelMM

I have a feeling many CH regulars will become HO regulars over the coming weeks, and many HO folks will enjoy the flow of these recurring discussion threads (like we do on WFD) so we won’t much of an issue finding volunteers going forward.


There’s a nice Weekly Meal Planning tag that will work fine for Weekly Menu Planning. I’ve created the March 2022 post under Cooking, Cookbooks, Ingredients. @naf was kind enough to add the tag to my post. I need instructions on how to tag my own going forward - I usually start the following month’s discussion around the 23rd.


Does Hungry Onion’s software provide a way to rearrange posts in a nested structure like used on Chowhound, YouTube comments, Instagram comments, Reddit, etc? It took me a year to get used to this style, and I actually prefer it now, but sometimes I wish I could temporarily format it the other way.

I am fairly sure the answer is no but the question is most usefully asked on Site Discussions. If I know how to move this post there, I would. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is easy to see if a particular post is a reply to someone (there is a curved arrow in the top right corner showing who it is a reply to) – just click on that arrow and it shows you the post or, when applicable, the whole back and forth.

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I’m not sure how much general detail is available there, or if HO uses all available options, but here’s a link to Discourse, the software both HO and FTC run on. It may be helpful.

The way the software displays the “original” after clicking on the curved arrow always confuses me. The default layout is just not designed for a nested discussion and if I have more than one curved arrow clicked, I get digital dizziness very quickly. I think I’ll search the Discourse site @Midlife linked to and see if there’s a way. Every couple months there’s a thread where I wish I had such a feature.


@MidwesternerTT For the time being, only mods can create and apply tags, to avoid all type of organization problem or confusion. So I believe you can go ahead to create the thread as needed, I will add the tags afterwards.


No. The software developer is adamant that this structure is better. I forgot what his arguments, but he certainly is very opinionated about it.

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Not exactly.

I think I see a new member asking this somewhere, maybe I can explain how reply works.

There are 2 types of REPLIES in HO.

If you want a kind of nesting structure, when one replies to a post, by using the reply button under the post (see example below)
Under that post, you will see X Replies on the left.

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 14.28.21

Click X Replies, you will see all the related replies to that post.
I think it’s the best this system can do. Note that this structure works only on computer, tablets, it won’t work on phones (unless you use the function of requesting Desktop Website in your mobile browser)

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 14.28.59

The blue button under all the posts is the second type of reply, it is a reply to the whole thread, to the first post, to be exact.


Is this happening? I mean in April.

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