Recipes using black-eyed peas

Which recipes do you like most?
I have a few pounds of black-eyed peas.

This recipe looks good.

As does this one

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Those both sound good! I like the Ehtiopian flavors with coconut milk. I always make a hoppin’ john salad , with crab when I can.

Hoppin’ John Salad from Epicurious


NYT Hoppin’ John


Which tried and true recipes do you recommend for black-eyed peas?

Highly recommend this comforting dish.

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That looks good. Peas and greens in the same dish!

Sounds familiar and I think I will try that. I have some Rancho Gordo dried black eye peas I want to use.

Since I’ve been in California, I expect fresh black eye peas, and crab to go with. That will be a different thread.

I made some red beans from Ranch Gordo Sangre de Toro (I think) a few days ago.


This recipe is from a slow cooking website - but can be done on top of the stove or, in an instant pot, with adjustments to the time… I have cooked it all three ways, successfully.

I do not puree part of the peas (as she does) because I like them whole and to have the broth clear. If you leave the beans whole you will need to reduce your pepper amount to 1/4 tsp. (And I also tend to use turkey kielbasa, but use whatever floats your boat.)

Lastly? I just use water instead of canned broth as I really liked the taste of the peas. To me, it doesn’t need the broth.

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Thank you, @Rooster
I’ve never made Hoppin’ John.

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My brother is making it New Years day!

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You can also look at recipes for pigeon peas. Lots of Caribbean and indian recipes that could sub for the black eyed peas.


Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk and Ethiopian Spices




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I grabbed a bag of black-eyed peas to try this Indian recipe:

@shrinkrap yours sounds even better - wish the babe tolerated spicy food better. I will have to make my own de-chilied berbere…

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It was really good. My pickiest eaters liked them, and barely "warm " to my taste. You can use aromatic peppers with no heat, like Aji dulce.


The berbere I have from Penzey’s has tons of cayenne


Oh! I get mine from Whole Spice. . I see it lists chili as the first ingredient, but it doesn’t seem like it’s cayenne. Maybe I “blew out my palate” (as they say on cooking competitions).

Your recipe looks good. Let me know how it turns out!

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Lidl was running a sale if spice blends including berbere during the holiday.


Adding this recipe for Berbere spice blend


I default to Texas Caviar


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