Looks fantastic!

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I might have asked before but - please, share more details on how to make this. Thanks in advance!

Sure! I model it after what the version that the dim sum place I first ate it at tastes like.

Ginger Scallion Oil / Sauce / Condiment / Sorcery:

Mince lots of scallion (at least 1 bunch, but 2 is better) and more ginger — I toss them in the mini FP.

Cook on a low heat with a pinch or two of salt in plenty of neutral oil - you don’t want it to brown, but you want the raw edge off the ginger and the water exuded to evaporate.

If you don’t plan to store it, you can skip cooking and just scald the mixture. If you cook out the water and have enough oil to cover the solids, it will last a long time in the fridge.

This wasn’t in the recipes I looked at, but I finish to taste with salt, a pinch of sugar, and a splash of rice vinegar.

It’s a traditional accompaniment for Cantonese white-cut chicken (and Its cousin, Hainanese chicken), Momofuku serves it as one of the sauces with their Bo Ssam feast, it shows up as scallion / scallion ginger noodles, and so on.

I’ve never measured, but here’s WoksOfLife and Momofuku.


Thanks a ton!

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Nice fat cap! Bet that turned out perfect.

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