New Year's recipe

Every culture, I am sure, has some dish that is served on New Year’s day. Here is my take on the Québécois Ragoût de Boulettes du Jour de l’An. In some areas the meat balls are replaced with or accompanied by pigs’ feet. Incidentally, this is a great alternative to Swedish meatballs if you are going retro for the holiday.


Not in England.

But, FWIW, we’ll be having a watercress, orange & chicory salad to start, followed by pork chops with spuds and veg, then cheese and, to finish, lemon posset


Interesting recipe @LeCoqNoir !

I hate to look dense, but do you mean no cultures in England, or that England has a separate culture of it’s own? I saw sooo many different cultures in London!

My family eats pork, black eyed peas, and greens. Usually collards, but I have kale this time.

Hopefully gifted from the NYT
Tracing the Origins of a Black American New Year’s Ritual

I grew up in NYC by the way.


I quoted the OP in my reply. I think if you reread my post you’ll see it’s quite clear.

Crullers (Germany) and jam-stuffed donuts aka Berliner (everywhere outside of Berlin).

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Bingo! Krapfen are light as air. I take a bite of the partner’s.

Much prefer Quarkbällchen (airy -unstuffed- quark balls fried in hot fat)

But I have a selective sweet tooth so my “new year tradition” is to eat baklava…

And these (chocolate-poppy seed pastry)

Also cheese or savoury broth fondue (even though I eat both often enough). The cave(wo)man in me returns once in a while… sitting round a fire and eating. But now without the singing and dancing (silencio, por favor), and the ragged clothes…

I’m never home round this time of year so gonna eat all of that when I go home next week!!!


I always, always preferred crullers (Victoria Krapfen or Spritzkuchen) to the jam-stuffed donuts. Although my hometown makes a version with an Eierlikör filling that is surprisingly delish.

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(Also called Bismarcks and Krapfen by some-
The Bismarcks are jelly-filled )

There’s a past thread that’s very comprehensive with NYE and NYD traditions, including Tourtière, Olivye, pork, lentils, black-eyed peas, King Cake, Vasilopita, marzipan lucky pigs, chocolate ladybugs, pork with sauerkraut. I’ll try to find it.

I have been doing lentils for good luck. Also roasting pork shoulder for good luck this year.


Yah, I bet there are plenty of regional variations. I’ve not heard them referred to as Bismarcks - must be either a Southern German variation or Canadian.


I think it’s mostly a Prairie/ North Dakota / Montana name, used by German Americans and some German Canadians. It’s a little bit dated as a term, but used at small town bakeries and in my community cookbooks. Lots of German and Volksdeutsch diaspora out west.



I’m from a farm family in the US midwest. Pork and kraut were traditional for New Year’s Day. We eat my husband’s French Canadian Tourtiére on Christmas Eve (always with ground pork) and my family’s pork and kraut on the following weekend. Since I have not been able to eat smoked foods since my chemo poisoning now going on 12 years, I’ve adapted my recipe.

I dice thick cut pancetta and brown it in a bit of olive oil with 2" chunks of boneless seasoned country pork ribs, a coil of fresh garlicky Polish sausage a local butcher makes in the winter, add thick slices of onion, then a few thickly sliced red skinned apples (unpeeled), a jar of German sauerkraut with Reisling, tiny whole Dutch potatoes with their skins on, a few sprigs of fresh thyme and lots of freshly chopped parsley and enough more white wine to bring all to a simmer and put covered into a low oven for 3 hours or so. (I call my LeCreuset Dutch Oven my “magic pot”). We eat it with coarse grain mustard.


The pork and kraut thing is an interesting connection!

I just ground two pounds of pork, some of which I’m using to make larb tonight.


I didn’t know this!


I think I’m making this!

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What cleared it up for me was after seeing some of the above responses, then searching several New Years food traditions by country, and finding one for every one I’ve checked so far except England.
With regard to our family traditions, I guess I wasn’t thinking of them as the singular U.S.A. traditions, rather one of many cultures within.

CNN They eat what? New Year’s food traditions around the world

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Not a food tradition, but First Foot is a cultural NY tradition in the UK.

Looks like Wales has food traditions

Looks like Scotland does too!

I think those are part of "Great Britain ", and therefore UK?

Here’s “Ireland” ( not necessarily Northern)

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I made Nopi’s lamb meatballs without the yogurt sauce and chard, Cumberland sauce, Brussels Sprouts with lucky bacon based on Nik Sharma’s recipe , and grapes in sour cream & brown sugar tonight. Caesar salad with more lucky bacon, and a black & white layer cake.