Help - too many collard greens!

I’m making a vegan version of the Homesick Texan’s Good Fortune Soup, but bought too many collard greens. Besides the usual way of cooking them, Southern style, what are other good recipes for them? They’re beautiful and I don’t want to waste them. I don’t cook with them or eat them very often so I’m pretty ignorant. The recipes don’t have to be vegan - I’m making this for my daughter who is. Thanks - all my best wishes for a happy new year.
Here’s the non-vegan version of the soup:


I have not made but have eaten Ethiopian collards and I fully endorse their deliciousness. When I go overboard on greens (a not-infrequent occurrence at farmers markets) I clean and blanch them and freeze them in ziplocks with the air squished out, to use in future recipes – it works very well.


If you trim down the stem and blanch them they make great wraps for sandwiches, burritos, whatever. This is a good step by step

Or i’ve used them as a sub for kale in a massaged kale salad- just trim out the stem and shred thin, then proceed to massage with salt/oil/vinegar and let rest a few hours or overnight to get more tender


These are all great ideas. Thank you so much!

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I just braise them with some diced onions and garlic and the magic happens. Finish with a sprinkle of good oregano. The pot liquor is the best

Frozen collards are easy to find and work well. Cleaned cut collards in a bag are also easy to find and what I use most often. When I buy fresh I try to do something different for the stems. Like to use all parts in some way

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Blanch them then add to a skillet with bone-in pork chops you have dusted with rosemary, crushed fennel, s&p and chili flake and browned on each side. Braise with good tomato sauce/jarred marinara til done.

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you can blanch them and then make a pickle brine with garlic and lemon zest and they’ll last for a month or so.


Not too many, but bumping it up for inspiration. I usually do the long braised southern style with the bonus pot liquor, Brazilian cooked briefly, or the Ethiopian with seasoned buttermilk curd, but I’m always looking for new ideas.