Lunch 2021



My sister inspired me with this recipe

to make this with my leftover roasted “bass” and red snapper . Sister said chives and not “thinly sliced scallion greens”, so I’ll adjust.

The roasted fish was good in it’s original offer, but not quite “brought together”, as they say.


Great post!

Roe Heaven! I must try with buttered bread. Yum!


Russians and people in the former Soviet Union eat roe on buttered bread or with cream (and blini). I love dairy so with either butter or cream is the way I prefer. And maaannn, they do eat a lot of salmon roe over there. Haven’t been to Russia yet (would like to) but saw in Tallinn, Estonia how roe is sold in supermarkets… they scoop from a big pail! A fancy supermarket piles it high in a big bowl surrounded by sturgeon and such. Even in Moldova (next to Ukraine) I could get real caviar at the supermarket!


Pretending I’m in Greece… Greek-style meze at home.

Cooked beetroot. Rich, full fat, raw milk quark. Olive oil. Sicilian pistachios.

Mild and creamy feta.

Not quite “village salad” (aka “Greek salad” everywhere else). Proper “village salad” next time.

Sous vide lamb’s liver in red wine. This meze dish is very Greek. My book “The olive and the caper” (Susanna Hoffmann) also has the recipe.

Giant beans. A firm meze favourite, also a Turkish mez(z)e dish.

I made this for another meal, I used it here too. Broad beans soaked in beetroot liquid (obtained after cooking the beetroot).

Pickled peppers and more feta. Can’t get enough of feta.

Got 2 bottles of Greek Riesling when Lidle had the Greek themed foods a few weeks back.

There were kalamata and things with honey and yogurt but couldn’t fit them all in the photo. Next time.

I stopped reading/watching/listening to the news in February. So frustrated with this virus shtshow and incompetent government.

Hate airports but have to endure it. Always exciting to arrive there and where I can’t wait to leave at the end of a trip.



Great spread!

Do you travel for a living?

No! But travelling is my top priority in life.

Hope to resume later this year. Can’t wait to see these* again and make more (childhood) dreams come true.

(*) “Approach light system” is the term. Single light on my side of the fence is a beacon.


Lemonbalm from the garden.

Coarsely processed together with store-bought garden peas.

Burrata with honey and pistachios

One of my favourite Swiss cheeses. Kaltbach is cave-aged and pretty “epic”. Problem is, it’s not as popular and readily available like Gruyère.

Some of the pastries I made recently. Small log has rhubarb, chocolate and poppy seeds, big one in foreground has lots of rhubarb and even more custard.

Another spring elixir is here again. I watch the fishmonger clean it and then I biked real fast home. Even brought 2 ice packs with me to keep it cold. As soon as it’s gutted the quality deteriorates so fast so you have to eat it all up straight away.

Butter from the sea. High quality new catch ma(a)tjes should look like this. Marzipan-like flesh and pink along the backbone (even a bit red. Never grey!). High fat content, melts on the tongue and umami-rich. Onions just ruin this exquisite, expensive spring delight.

My last stash of dried ramp flakes

A batch of rhubarb. I sous vide it for using in stir-fries and savoury applications more so it needs portioning.

A batch of whole grain mustard in Riesling. I don’t like creamy mustard so I make my own and use any beer or wine I like.

It’s therapeutic work


Hard to follow that :point_up_2:t4:

Open-faced Chili Dog

Split open chicken hot dog, topped w/chicken chili, american & cheddar cheese melted under broiler then topped w/mustard, relish & white onions (mine had ketchup, no relish :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). I forgot to buy buns so I did them open-faced on milk bread.

Chicken Salad w/Preserved Lemons on Toast Points

Rotisserie chicken, preserved lemons, rosemary, chives, dressing of olive oil, dijon, white wine vinegar, sweet white balsamic, vegenaise, salt & pepper on toasted milk bread.


^^ I like preserved lemons but don’t use them often enough. Thanks for the reminder.


Last of the marrowfat peas.

In the glass is passion fruit pulp with some sparkling water added.

Glorious new herring again

Swedish-style “meze”. Summer solstice is a big celebration in Sweden with songs and dance and many other activities. A traditional summer solstice “Midsummar” lunch consists of herring and potatoes, boiled eggs and all the other bits. This is my version.

Speaking of summer solstice, I was on a small island (no traffic) in the around that time a couple of years back. One of the islands has a craft beer brewery so it’s on my list for next time.

A typical north German island holiday postcard perfect photo.

The iconic beach chair. The fence panel thing is removed when rented.


I didn’t know you had a book! Impressive!

:rofl: The book that I own.

Did you use up all the milk?

Oh! It was late.

I still have a gallon and plan to start a ricotta project shortly, but I will also try freezing some. I believe folks are saying it will be okay for baking.

Didn’t mention ricotta 'cuz I thought you had done it before and wanted something different. But yes, making ricotta or yogurt/quark will use up your excess milk fast. I remember making a post:

As you can see, I make it quite often. :point_up:


Thank you! I think I’ve made it once before, perhaps inspired by one of your amazing pictures!

For lunch I had some instant Korean ramen made Kujirai style, which originates from a manga (Japanese comic book).


My simple fried feta. I believe the Greek name is “Saganaki” (a vessel in which the cheese is served). I used a mild and creamy feta so that I could drench it in honey.

Stuffed with rice. Both things are for the partner.

Roasted aubergine “salad”, yoghurt sauce, and another salad. Flatbread (store-bought).

My tamaras. Salmon roe and yoghurt.

Toast with tomatoes and grated feta, based on Cretan “Dakos”, a meze dish.

No Greek(-style) meal should be without feta and olives.

Yogurt with candied kumquat slices in honey

This tahini pastry is found in many mid-east countries. My easy version also has some poppy seeds just because I love them in pastries.

Pastry for the partner and beer for me

Cheesecake without actually eating the cake


Recent lunches - simple and random but tasty.

Paneer bhurji with the last of my homemade bread (time to make some dough), using up the little paneer I made last week because the milk turned. Strangely, this tasted like bheja (brain) fry - just less unctuous.


Beef “kathi roll” - frozen paratha (split open), leftover Korean beef, quick pickled onions, green chutney. So. Good.


Flatbread - garlic naan, fermented calabrian chili sauce, Parma cotto ham, red onions, a bit of cheddar, and a sprinkle of parmesan to finish.


Shaved fennel, tomato, red onion, and burrata salad with pomegranate molasses and sumac - heatwave buster. So good.


Dal dhokli - leftover dal stewed with spices, and then spiced chapatis stewed in it like noodles.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold