What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

As long as we can keep thinking of it as a game. I get irrationally proud if I can get them to eat something they’ve been refusing by repurposing it. It’s like I got away with something…


beautiful dish!

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BF hijacked dinner again! I’d bought Chapagetti from H Mart with the intention of making ram-don (ala the movie Parasite) and we had a rib eye. He took over, looked up recipes and improvised, and it turned out great. Of course, we don’t know what it’s 'SPOSED to taste like, but this was good enough for us.


A plate, please!

So you take on boarders? I help with housekeeping. Am good with animals.


Inspired by my sister. Lunch 2021 - #424 by shrinkrap

Fish curry sounds sort of dreadful, but maybe that’s just me. This recipe sounds irresistible, and this is what I used.


Today’s wfd was a ham and mushroom clafouti, with some snap peas quickly sauteed in butter and mint, some biscuits, and a berry smoothie.

Sometimes I think about my pix next to all your lobster rolls and wagyu steaks and feel like compared to you all, we eat like children over here. I guess I am too cheap to buy the good stuff. Maybe when it’s just the 2 of us and the kids are gone…


Chicken Korma Naan Tacos…or Naa-cos? A different spin on a weeknight standby: doctored Patak’s simmer sauce was used. Just needed some cilantro!

I’m giving myself a dry week but I could have really used a drink after work today! Man!


I have 3 extra bedrooms with private bathrooms .


Local Boletus from the Shasta forest. Before . After sauteed with Arbequina olive oil . Sprinkled with Cyprus flake salt . Cheers 20210615_211127


GimmeSomeOven is on my short list of websites. I don’t often check there specifically but when it pops up on the first or second page of Google results I always click through. Generally and consistently good stuff.

Late yesterday afternoon we returned from a long weekend cabin retreat (rental, not ours). Still living with an abundance of caution. Trust issues on my part I’m afraid. Grandiose plans for dinner evaporated upon our arrival home and we ordered delivery pizza. Olives, peppers, onions. No pineapples were harmed in the course of our dinner.


Last night the adults had Meera Sodha’s everyday red lentil dal, to which I added black eyed peas and steamed cauliflower and sweet potatoes. A clean-out meal, originally made for lunch. On the side a garden salad DH made with cilantro-mint-basil yogurt dressing.

I made the kiddo a naan pizza spread with the red lentils, sweet curried tomato sauce, and mozz cheese, with grapes and salad veg with the dressing for dipping.


@Sasha - please don’t think that your meals are any “less” than what others post. I’d be all over that ham and mushroom clafouti, biscuits, and sauteed sugar snap peas!

And please remember that there are those of us :::cough, cough definitely me!::: that sometimes have a bowl of cereal for dinner. In fact, there was one time I posted the following on my FB wall. :wink:

"I’ve got some beautiful fish for dinner. A gorgeous neon-orange color, showing they were wild-raised, they are happy little fish, all with teeny-tiny smiles on their faces. Yes, they all still have their faces. I usually don’t like to have my food looking back at me, but I’m OK with with these little guys!

Their color pops against the blue bowl in which they were artfully plated. Eaten as is - no marinating; no need to cook them, as they’re already baked; nothing to top them; and no side dishes, other than more of the same little fishies.

Cheddar Goldfish - it’s What’s For Dinner."


Agreed. It’s always a site to go look at to compare against what I’m jonesing for. Sometimes it clicks, like this Skinny Orange Chicken (with my slight modifications).

Piling on to what LindaWhit says. @Sasha, it’s always great to see what you have cooking!

Full disclosure: What you won’t see here is my reheated leftovers, the zillionth quick pasta meal I have shown you before, and so on. There’s only so much of that stuff anybody needs to see from me. :laughing:


Please start a dedicated thread. We eat Thai sticky rice at least once a week. I would love to read about your method and others can join in to.


@LindaWhit @tomatotomato Ladies I appreciate the comments. I guess my cooking style is more homey and less glam. It’s appropriate for 2 busy working parents and 2 growing but somewhat picky teen boys. And I am pretty budget conscious. We don’t order steak and lobster when we go out either. I’m about to embark on 7 yrs of college tuition! You could say I probably just have some ingredient envy :slight_smile:


I hear you!

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Well, that is a big deal! That’s the best investment in the future there is. Big believer in the power of education.


Same here. My parents, who are immigrants, believed 1000% in education, spend their modest disposable income on private schools during my K-12 yrs, and sent me to an Ivy. For my kids, it was going to be 8 yrs of fees, as the boys are 4 apart. But then we deferred #1 a year so he could hopefully have an in person experience, which it looks like he will.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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