Lunch 2021

Happy new year, HOs!!!

Asked the partner to put a bottle in the fridge…

When I went to get it it was this. No time to chill another.



Hot pot components

Various home-made dumplings

Meat is wild boar

Dumpling filling. Rusty powdery stuff is roasted prawn roe.

Beer I drank before eating

I always make this kind of photos on new year but not this year, obviously.

Made my Mount Etna dream come true last year

Beautiful blue town Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Fantastic white wines in Tokaj, Hungary.

Beach town Haeundae, Korea.

Busan, my first Korean love affair.


Is that liver under “hot pot components”? If so, what are your plans for it? I have some monkfish liver in the freezer - looking for ideas beyond steam and pan fry.

Monkfish’s liver. Nice! It tastes like cod’s liver but I’ve only had both in tins, preserved in its own oil.

In the photo it’s fresh roe sacs.

There are not many creative recipes for liver of any kind out there. I eat livers all the time so I’m always looking for new ways, too. Most common preps are pan/stir- fried, pâté, mousse. Sometimes, for a change, I cook them in cream and in German/Austrian-style dumplings (but fish liver is not used in dumplings).

I would cook fish liver in cream (for a change) as it’s more delicate.

I like fresh roe and sweetbreads cooked in the same manner.

Livers in cream


Aha! I can occasionally get shad or flounder roe from one of the vendors at my local farm market, if I get there before it sells out. Thanks for the ideas - cooking in cream had not occurred to me, but I’ll give it a try.

Fresh roe is the best part of the fish for me. Keep the whole fish and just let me have the roe. I buy it by the kilo from the market fishmonger. Portion and cook sous vide. Easy to eat it any time. I know you don’t sous vide so you still need to portion and freeze, or eat all straight away.





Stir-fried with haddock balls and mushrooms




Plain on Schmalzed rye bread

BIG fan of roe. Next dish I’m going to make is a Korean roe stew.


Prepared the eggs in olive oil while the first breakfast of 2021 pizza baked. Much improved runny yolks.


Planning ahead for today’s lunch. Crab and shrimp pot pie with a store bought puff pastry top.



Thanks @small_h. It is tasty! We added potatoes, peas, corn, celery, carrots and used the lobster stock from the freezer to create the pot pie sauce. def redo.

I am definitely going to try this. I’ve been mulling making some sort of fish pie for a while.

I look forward to reading about it. First time for me. We needed a change from the chicken and meat versions as well.

Lunch today. H cooked.

Lobster, mixed herbs butter, cooked on barbecue grill


And a green salad.


Cream and mushroom sauce is leftover from another meal. Now with crispy fried tempeh added.

Finely chopped tempeh then fried until crispy. Folded in the Lao Gan Ma and ate with bucatini.

Some roasted prawn roe makes it extra nice

One New Year in Dresden. After having been to 2 other smaller towns prior, which are known for their well preserved half-timbered houses, Dresden and its over-the-top baroque architecture was a assault on the visual sensory system.



Dresden has a different “feel”.

This church was literally reduced to a pile of rubble by Churchill. Guess who sent financial support for the restoration after the war? The UK.


Kimchi fried rice with bacon.


Nigella bread with tomato jam. Baked the bread, bought the jam. Now I want to make this jam next summer!


Bread looks fantastic! Recipe please?

Bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato sandwich, and a pickle.


This was a brioche bread dough that I added nigella seeds to.

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Quick and tasty.