Lunch 2021

Weekend brunch came early.

Masala omelette (onion, serrano chilli, tomato, cilantro), bacon, toasted baguette.


I cheated once, using store-bought ready-to-use fresh shortcrust pastry. It wasn’t “authentic” quiche anyway, I used different filling.

Best treatment for leftover rice!

I only eat very elaborate lunches at weekend, and even though I am mostly at home during the week I still don’t make something substantial for myself.

Unlike Mr. Happy who always eats well every day.

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Marrowfat peas from a jar

I’ve tried all Moroccan brands of sardines and this one is the best of the bunch. Big filets, not only that but also scaled. Big filets and scaled are not common. Needless to say my cupboards are filled with these tins now.

In the tin on the left is cod’s liver in own oil. I started eating it already as a child and never stopped. I love livers from different animals, I guess.


Fish and chips for a late lunch outside by the San Francisco Bay.


Love Red’s, but haven’t been there in a long time!


I hadn’t either! Anyways I don’t think it has changed much in the last 50+ years :slight_smile:

That’s one of the things I love about it!

The menu grew. The coffee roasting is no longer. But now there’s a full liquor license !


How were the f+c? I’ve walked/run/biked past red’s many times but never stopped for food (and had no idea that they served it).

I thought it was pretty good, better than expected even. The batter was nice and crispy. I would probably get it over their cheeseburger (which is fine, just a burger on a sourdough roll).



Nice crust!

Deep-fry fish is a normal thing here. It’s a treat at weekend. There are always queues in front of the market fishmongers’ trailers and fried-fish trailers (who are not fishmongers). I queue every fortnight, too, of course.

The fish they use nowadays is hake, imported from Namibia. Cod or haddock is no longer an option (too expensive now, not to mention not so plentiful any more) unless you buy it from the same fishmonger and he’ll deep-fry it for you on the spot. And unlike in the UK, there’s no “fish & chips” to be bought from one trailer. There are trailers for chips and there are trailers for fish. The chips are usually bigger than in your photos.

In smaller chunks are more popular (more batter, more fat, and most people eat standing next to the trailer as soon as they get their orders, which come in a small plastic container each). You get 1 or 2 dipping sauce(s) with your order, depending on the size. I never want any sauce as I have my own (Mexican) chillies and whatever sauces.

Fishmongers also have all kinds of smoked fish and various other fish that are deep-fried like in these photos. Can’t wait to go the the market on Saturday so I can get some (fried) fish!


Simple flatbread, with coriander. (And my rolling pin is actually a broom stick. The broom broke, I asked the partner to saw off a piece to use as a rolling pin. I sanded and cleaned it. The normal rolling pin is for pounding something like meat or crushing a bag of nuts.)

Fried in a carbon steel pan (same one I use to sear meat or scallops etc).

Ripe tomatoes pulsed in the food processor. Turkish coriander is very mild, and when oil, lime juice/acidity, salt etc are added the soapy taste is gone. Thai coriander is downright soapy tasting to me so this works out well and I can still eat coriander.

I eat an avocado every day, sometimes 2. This has balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 3 avocados for us 2.


Real nice flat bread.

Roe jackpot! 4 salmon skeins! The other pack has mackerel, herring and other smaller fish’s roe. My smoked herring usually comes with roe, too. 3 small containers of roe weigh 1,5kg (3,3 lbs)

Immediately after making the photo above I ate the roe on buttered bread, straight from the sac. A dairy farm in my area produces everything with their raw milk. Everything from them costs 3 times more than the supermarket but their raw milk products all taste amazing so they get my money.

I had to cure the rest of salmon roe. This was the following day, after returning from the woods.

Asparagus and Greek Riesling. Chive blooms from the garden.

Curing the salmon roe is very time consuming. I don’t have a tool to quickly remove the roe from the inner membranes. Using a small spoon a lot of care was required. I had so much time to think about things, learnt something about myself, thought about what to say to someone I dislike next time I run into them. I had to make memes about it, too!

Salmon roe be like…

When I was done… (That’s my affectionate face!)


Thanks. I had always wanted to make it. Finally.

How many avocados do you have to buy in order to eat two?

I usually have about 10 small ones around. Buy 2 nets of 5 every week. It takes a week to ripen (sometimes half of them remain hard and then die).

I also buy big ones from a Turkish greengrocer. 3-4 times bigger and more success.

If we only have to throw out one of every two that we buy, we feel lucky. There’s an expression in German, Fremdwörter sind Glückssache, meaning that it’s a matter of luck if you use a foreign word correctly. For us, Avocados sind Glückssache.

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Hah! I have my own saying which is very much the same: “Avocados are like viewing wildlife (or a safari*), it’s a matter of luck.”

So nice in avocado eating countries like Mexico and Chile. They are huuuuge and piled high, and always ready to eat. I bought 2 daily but never had a bad one. A kilo costs 1 or 2 euros there, it’s insane. Can’t remember exact how much but it’s so little.

*Nature owns me nothing.

Mapo tofu and rice

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold