Lunch 2021

Just gorgeous!

Salmon roe and yoghurt.


Thank you, thank you very much. You’ve been a lovely crowd tonight. If you haven’t tried the veal - try it. And don’t forget to tip your wait staff! I’ll be back here on Thursday. Drive carefully.


Went biking to the countryside yesterday.

Have gone through 5 kilos of cherries thus far. Nothing you haven’t seen before so I didn’t make any photo.

Another lunch, “parent-child” theme.
Poached prawns. Freekeh mixed with roasted prawn roe.

Cured salmon and salmon roe. Freekeh underneath.

Super fast seared scallops. Soy sauce and sesame oil.


Beautiful seafood, and the cherries, never thought to have matcha with cherries.

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Japanese brunch with rice with natto egg yolk scallions and furikake, shiozake, pickles, broccolini w/Angelo Pietro dressing, and miso soup.


Yay, you are home again.
Honestly, your home-cooked food looks and probably tastes better than the restaurant stuff we have been seeing! :sweat_smile: But it’s nice to be out and about eating new things again, of course. Wish I could do that right now… in another country.

Re matcha I avoid adding it to boiling water or high heat and especially any type of dairy. High heat and casein greatly reduce the benefits of matcha.

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I think I’m turning Greek!

Recreated a lovely meal I had in Veria. A small local restaurant near the train station, it was between lunch and dinner (FYI, Greeks don’t eat lunch at noon) so we had the place to ourselves. The cook could speak some English but to make it easier for me he led me to the kitchen and opened pots and pans to show me what he had and things being prepped. I pointed at a few delicious looking things and he made us a little feast!

Roasted peppers

Every dish the cook made was delicious but this was my favourite. Because aubergines.

His meatballs weren’t lamb but I used lamb mince here

I think his souvlaki skewers were chicken. Mine are pork and cooked sous vide before grilling.

Thinking of Greece

The meal in Veria in collage. Just very typical Greek dishes but they here at home they are a little feast.


What a feast you recreated!

You’ve got me thinking that I should work souvlaki and/or meatballs into my menu this week…

I can’t work in a professional kitchen. This little feast was a lot of work. Respect to the cook in Veria, and all the cooks elsewhere.

If you get around to making souvlakis do use a lot of oregano. Greeks give their meats and many things a heavy-handed oregano treatment.

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Egg fried rice with broccolini


Shrimp with scrambled eggs, with broccolini w/oyster sauce and rice.


BLAT on roll w/chips.


Things I tried this week, on a plate.

“Elevated” tuna salad, Castelvetrano olives, salmon rillettes, marinated Principe Borghese tomatoes and triscuits!


Please elaborate. Also, triscuits rule. Target makes a good knock-off version, if you don’t feel like paying brand name prices.

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I’m sure the mystery is better than the reality. Husband complains that my tuna salad is better than what he gets at our fancy supermarket. I’m thinking it’s just tuna salad, but added some celery, relish, extra mayo and shallots to his store bought. I suspect it’s also the quality of the tuna, but I don’t usually use the imported stuff for “tuna salad”.


Sandwich on roll with some pernil from the freezer and onion warmed up in the oven, lettuce, tomato, aioli.


Shrimp fried rice


I bet your additions do transform the flavor and texture of the salad.

I always doctor the deli chicken salad I get (which is very good to begin with).

Salmon rillettes recipe please @shrinkrap!

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Don’t get me started!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold