London, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris in September

If all goes as planned, we will be staying at
Reubens at the Palace in London
Pulitzer Amsterdam in Amsterdam
Grand Hotel Casselelbergh in Bruges (with day trip to Brussels and Ghent)
Hotel Brighton in France

2.5 weeks total, and several tours scheduled, food and otherwise, so not a lot of free time.

But here’s the thing; it will be a group of 5, one of whom is very difficult about trying new things. Last night, frustrated after having tried to plan dining for previous trips, I joked I would find him a Chik Fi Lay and an In and Out. He said okay, but I couldn’t find any. Finally I agreed to at least give it a shot in terms of finding some places we might all find something we might enjoy. He never wanted to travel beyond Atlanta, but indulges me.

Among us, son and DIL live in Turkey, and DIL lived in London and has friends there. Son has traveled in, and loves Amsterdam, especially cured fish. Daughter lives in NY and is probably open to anything, but would probably especially appreciate vegetarian.

And yes, I realize there is a France/Paris board. We have been a time or two, and it was frustrating when it came to food .

So we are looking for very introductory, "tourist from California " friendly food, like fish and chips, steak frites and roast chicken, always available, but maybe something more adventurous on the menu too.

I will try to edit if I have time.


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For your awkward friend…

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Thank you!

In Amsterdam, the Hotel Pulitzer is so close to the Nine Streets (Negen Straatjes) a neighborhood of small shops and little cafes. So charming. Too long ago for me to offer specific recommendations but finding suitable food shouldn’t be a problem.


For Paris I’d make a separate thread on the Paris board, some excellent locals there giving great advice.

I live in the Netherlands, and visit Amsterdam often. If you have any special requests let me know pls.


Might also try a couple British burger chains, such as Wimpy, GBK or Byron.

This was my last trip report from London. Time is flying. Sadly, Bonnie Gull closed its 2 locations. [London , Covent Garden, Soho and Bloomsbury] Rules, Ivy Soho Brasserie, Zima, Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack, GAIL's Kitchen

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I’m curious, does UK, Paris, Europe have the COVID induced nightmare staffing issues the U.S. & CA have?

What a cool sounding trip! We’re all jealous & looking forward to the trip report next month!


Realize your kids are older, but some good tips! :smile:

I’m excited for your trip. :slight_smile:

Are there any specific foods you and your DH want to seek out, in addition to finding places that work for everyone else?

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For London, Balthazar in Covent Garden should suit everyone. They have burgers and roast chicken but also more interesring stuff. I was there on Friday and the veal chop was pretty good( if under seasoned). A little pricey but a nice space, better for a group rather than a couple as you’ll probably get a booth.


Thanks everyone! Great ideas.

That’s some great intel! Thanks.

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Perfect !

I don’t think so. TBH, we were never excited about visiting the UK until we learned that all of the “colonies” where establishing their own food cultures there, at least in London.
Both of us seem excited about Borough Market, and we’re doing a private tour there.

I’m intrigued by the idea of an “Indonesian - rijsttafel- restaurant”, but not sure that would fly with anyone else.

Will do! Thanks.
As mentioned above, I’m intrigued by the idea of an “Indonesian - rijsttafel- restaurant”, which I understand Amsterdam is known. Any thoughts about trying this with our group?

Might be interesting to try some of the colonial dishes that resulted from the colonies- as well as the cuisines of the Commonwealth- off the top of my mind, kedgeree, mulligatawny and Coronation chicken/ Coronation shrimp. Notting Hill, Brixton, Clapham and other neighborhoods have some good modern Caribbean restaurants if you’re interested. I haven’t had time to explore it in London. I had been following a place in Brixton on IG.

(This place is cute.

Re: Rijsttafel
The plain eater might not love it, but there should be a few plainer dishes. I love Rijsttafel when I find it in Canada. I organized a Rijsttafel with 6 friends for my birthday 4 years ago. One friend was a vegetarian, and she found enough dishes to eat.

Hope @damiano and others can recommend a good place in Amsterdam. The place I went was a tourist trap, and used frozen green beans.


Agreed, the Pulitzer is well positioned. They have their own canal boat, not sure if they use it for tours or as a water taxi. Breda nearby is fantastic, but might not work for you as they serve a set menu. Stork, on the north side of the River Ij (take a free ferry from Centraal Station, then about a 15 minute walk) is a lively seafood restaurant that can accommodate a variety of different diets. The outdoor seating along the riverfront is best.

In Paris one our favorites for steak frites is Relais de Venise, near Porte Maillot. No reservations, and no choice (except beverages and desert).


Yes please!

Your post sparks a lovely memory. Several years ago, enough of us were traveling together to book one of the Pulitizer’s antique wooden boats for a private tour. It was a small boat that allowed us to view the picturesque canals at their best. I see there’s the option of a public tour too.