London, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris in September

Stayed at the Pulitzer with some pals in the 90s and got some polite notes under the door to refrain from certain things that were causing a smell we thought to be very pleasant. Nice part of town. Low key spot.

Personally I think the FEBO spots are de lekkerste.


I also really like the many broodje (sandwich) spots for some rare roast beef nice cheese fresh bread (nice ones near Pulitzer) and the many good falafel spots all over town Maoz being a nice mini chain with great green sauce and pepper bar.

Have fun.


We are using " All Travel Guru", and while it is not included in our itinerary, it mentions “There is no better way to see Amsterdam than from the water. And Pulitzer Amsterdam offers two unique vessels to do just that. Pulitzer’s saloon boat “Tourist” from 1909 has all the classic characteristics you’d expect; polished teak and brass, traditional carpeting, marble, leather and beveled glass. When the weather allows it, Pulitzer’s " Belle”-a 45 years old classic open tender made from teak, is a charming option for cruising the canals. "


Thank you!

I like the boat tour that starts at central station area too.

Try Bar Gollem for the best Trappist beers and a small cozy atmosphere in central city.

There’s an amazing liquor store sorta across the street that has all sorts of special beer.

Be sure to hit up a Jenever bar there too essentially hundreds of flavors of herb, garlic, fruit, and other gin flavors served neat. Some pure gasoline. Many spots like that.


There’s a cool chocolate and waffle tour in Brugge. Look for it. It goes to the town of Dam too.

London it’s fun to take the boat up from little Venice up to Camden markets and good casual food and fun up there in Camden and cool mellower old school pubs with casual and fancy side down there little Venice too not far from abbey road and neighborhoods like that. Sir paul still hits up his local down there.

There a more guided one and a sorta water taxi.


I’m not as into the ristafel as I am the many many lumpia stands at night and day and in farmers markets everywhere. And same with the fries stands out there that fry em 2x and salt and put in a big cone with your choice or sauce. Pinda the peanut sauce is my thing. Hold the Mayo for me. Man those Dutch enjoy their huge gobs of Mayo on stuff ! Yikes.

Rent a bike there too that’s fun. U can go all around the country and not have a hill other than the canal bridges.

Hit up a cheese shop with wall to wall cheese super pungeant.

There’s great ristafal to be had im not as knowledgeable there.


If you really want to have fun, book Those Damn Boat guys. They let you bring your own booze and wacky tabacky.
And House of Bols: Cocktail & Genever Experience is fun.


Thanks everyone! I’ve been sharing these much appreciated updates with " the plain eater/ very difficult one", and he wants you to know he’s about go “buck wild”! He resents that title! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He says no McDonald’s for him. He’s going to try croissants in Paris, crumpets in London, chocolate in Belgium, and cheese in Amsterdam! :crazy_face:


That’s the spirit!


@shrinkrap I’d be remiss not to encourage you to eat Indian food in London.

Dishoom is a family favorite. There are (at least) two outposts of restaurants from Mumbai - Trishna, lauded for its seafood, and Farzi Cafe (which may not work for your DH, it’s a modern take… my dad didn’t love it but the rest of us enjoyed the twists). Past favorites include several from the Chutney Mary group (Veeraswamy’s weekend brunch used to be a whole thing). Gunpowder is on my list for another time.

ETA: I forgot one of my favorite takeaway meal places also has branches there - The Kati Roll Company.

On a different note, much better Eastern European food there too, if you want to explore.

(Also Ottolenghi, if that’s of interest / curiosity.)

What a wonderful trip to look forward to!


In the Nine Streets, check out De Kaaskame for cheese. While varieties of Gouda are abundant, ask about other Dutch cheeses. They recomended a washed-rind (brandy) young/runny cheese from Utrecht that was fabulous. And a Dutch white field-blend wine that went perfectly with cheese.


Great to see Roti Joupa on the CN list. My fave Caribbean place for sure and a big fave among those on here, around London. A restaurant it ain’t though
( a small ledge with a couple if stools),Also Clapham might be considered a bit of a schlep. I think the food’s worth it ( only 30 mins for me) and you can always picnic on the common. Doubles and the macaroni pie are a must. Much love shown on this thread.


Moved the posts concerning Paris to here.


I’ve stayed at that Rubens at the Palace a few times. Nice location.

For a nice English breakfast - in a beautiful space- with enough plain things on the menu, a splurge at The Wolseley on Picadilly.
[London] The Wolseley

Rules will have some plainer food for the plain eater and interesting stuff for everyone else. Again, a splurge.

[London WC2] Rules

Fortnum’s has a market café on the mezzanine called Field with very good food (including good plainer food),

as well as a food hall with stalls in the concourse, and a tea room on an upper floor.

J Sheekey for a nicer fish dinner.

The place I liked for fish & chips in Soho closed during the Pandemic. The Golden Hind is often recommended.

The Ivy had a few locations, for breakfast or other lunches. [London] Full English breakfast at The Ivy Soho Brasserie

In Paris, I am out of the loop, but we liked Brasserie Flottes for a Brasserie with decent food and some plain options.

In Amsterdam, again, out of the loop. The dishes I like when in Holland and when visiting Dutch restaurants- War fries (fries with peanut sauce, mayo, onions), bitterballen (meatballs), croquetten (beef filled croquettes), pfannkoekken (sp- giant crepes filled with savoury or sweet things). Their baked goods, especially apple things, are very good.


Thanks everyone, for all of your responses! This trip was originally scheduled for 2020, but we all know what kinda year that was.

It’s been rescheduled twice, and I’m still “feeling some type of way”, but we’ve already lost some deposits, and we are going to go for it.

We are grateful to have this opportunity, and of course look forward to meals, but I have learned not to get overly invested in the meal planning.

That being said; a few details as of several weeks ago.

The “kids” are 26-32.
All the tours are private.

Breakfast appears to be included for all but Paris, and some token food “credits” for use at the hotels.

Full day tours on the fist two of three days in Lonon, one of which is Borough Market, Brewery, and a “Proper Pub Crawl” The third day is open, and daughter has mentioned the theater, but I’m hesitant.

Next stop is by Eurostar to Amsterdam on a Friday, not sure of arrival time. Next day ( Saturday) a walking street food tour with "afternoon at leisure ", followed by a morning tour on Sunday, afternoon at leisure, and all day tour on Monday.

We transfer to Bruges on Tuesday, apparently checking in at 3, and the next day have a 9 to 2 walking tour, "afternoon at leisure ". Thursday a day trip to Ghent; 9 AM to 4 PM

I’m exhausted already

Friday at leisure.

On Saturday we transfer to Brussels “including Brussels city and gourmet tour”. When the tour ends at 3, we catch a train to Paris.



Sounds fantastic.

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I think I know of a couple of places that might fit the bill in Brugge. They are out from the center but that is usually something people desire after the hoards.
Bistro De Schaar Great Meat and Seafood mostly prepared on their wood fired grill.
De Verloren Hoek simple approachable food, great dry aged steaks. Nice beer list, outdoor dining. Out near the Windmills.
For Beer (which is a must in BE):
Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan
Café Vlissingheest. 1515, If hey have reopened.
Staminee De Garre Great Beers, staff and atmosphere.
't Poatersgat Basement pub in the center.

My focus was mostly on Beer if that isn’t apparent (╹ڡ╹ )


Thank you!

Also keep your eye out for the savory Dutch style Pannenkoek in the Netherlands and Belgium. Much like the “Dutch Babies” that are serve around here but topped with savory ingredients, makes a great meal and cant imagine anyone not liking them. Our favorite was topped with Jambon d’Ardenne , Apple and Gruyère.


Thanks! So grateful to you for telling us about that when we made the trip to New York!

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