London Sunday Roast options?

Hello, we arrive in London on a Saturday morning will lay low that evening and then I’d love to expose my husband to a traditional Sunday roast dinner….he loves meat. We may be staying in S Kensington or near St Pancras station (I know, quite different) but are comfortable using the tube. Any suggestions for a great meal? Not expecting Michelin, just want delicious. Thanks for any advice you can send my way!

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For a roast, if you only have one roast in London, I would head to Rules in Covent Garden. Menu changes seasonally, and they have several roasts available 6 days of the week.

I haven’t done a Sunday-specific roast in London.

This is a nice new list.

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Looks perfect, thank you!

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If you like lamb, Rules’ roast lamb is very good.

Rules looks great, as does BlackLock Soho but they appear to be closed on the sunday we are in town.

Any suggestions for a bite near Victoria Station? My daughter and I will be arriving from Paris at St Pancras but staying near Victoria for Gatwick express (I always call it Hogwarts express) homeward. Seems like there’s a few pubs that serve food with ok commentary. We’ve been told that the areas around these train stations can be sketchy esp at night, but I’d think with 2 ppl together we may not be bothered ( vs solo).

Thanks, you’ve been a great help!

I can recommend the Jugged Hare as a great Sunday Roast option. Their Longhorn is absolutely lovely.

I can also recommend the Harwood Arms. When we last went for Sunday Roast around Thanksgiving in 2017, they had a 50 day dry aged beef roast that was absolutely outstanding. I can also say they had one of the best Scotch Eggs I have ever had.


When I’m looking for a specify dish, at a specific time, and don’t have recommendations from someone I trust ( @Harters recommended Rules to me eons ago), I use a Google search to search for the dish near a landmark or neighborhood, then filter the results by using 4 or 4.5 star reviews. I usually omit chains, although some chains in the UK are much better than the chains in Canada where I live.

The Jugged Hare and the Harwood Arms both sound and look good. I’m going to add them to my London wishlist.

So you have a few more options, I did a Google search for Sunday Roast near Victoria Station, 4 star reviews or better.

Here are 2 screenshots of the results I found fir Sunday roasts, 4 stars on Google or higher .

It is necessary to double check with the restaurants, since hours aren’t always up-to-date.

Rules used to serve supper daily.

The Grenadier in Belgravia offers an upscale roast which might be worth the splurge. The Grenadier’s Sunday menu

The Warwick Pimlico’s Sunday Menu

Thomas Cubitt House Sunday Menu


The Jugged Hare’s roast looks delicious.

The Harwood Arms IG

There is an older review re: the Harwood Arms, Fulham (London) here.

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Jugged Hare does look great! I nabbed a reservation at Rules, also considering BlackLock Covent Garden as we will be staying in S Kensington for this part of the trip and it seemed closer to our hotel. We will be coming FROM the Churchill war rooms to lunch.

The Soho original is indeed open on Sundays, just books up months in advance!

The Victoria Station area is where we are staying before returning to US, me from Gatwick, my daughter from Heathrow. Both have easy access to airports.

Thanks for the help!

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I became curious about vegan and vegetarian roasts in London.