Hazlet NJ tonitght?

Will be in the area tonight possibly tomorrow as well.
Is there anything in the immediate area to have
dinner/ late night bite … casual preferred any


Costa Verde and Fernandes 3 are about ten minutes away or so.

Thank you

If you are going to be in Hazlet and looking for a “late night” bite, The Park on 36 is probably your best bet. While the places @corvette_johnny mentioned are far superior most won’t be open for late night bites and the Park would. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten anything there but their burger / bar food was always decent, sushi was very good but not sure that would be open late night.

Fernandes (was just there over the weekend) is meat centric, and Drew’s is the best of the group but again won’t be open late night.

There is also Mc Donough’s Pub in Keyport for bar food, they will be open late. Worst case scenario there are a couple dinners on 35 in Hazlet Middletown that will have typical diner fare. Enjoy the visit!!!

Only open till 7pm, but worth it.


Psssst “late night”…not everyone goes to bed at 5pm Viking.

They said dinner too…

Belford Bistro:

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lol … thx anyway
be lucky if we get there by 7
will be leaving during rush hour

You know I just looked and other than McDonaghs and the diners (red oak, yellow rose, and other plants) there is not a lot open after 9:30 pm in that area.

Drew’s for example closes at 9pm on weeknights.

McDonaghs has good pub grub, and sometimes live music in the evenings. Burgers are excellent.

This place is good too, but really not fancy, open till 10pm.

Aren’t they on 35? Also, are you sure they are open again? I know they were closed for a while after they were Park East…

My bad!! You are correct they are on 35 NOT 36. As far as I know they are open as of the last week or two, if something happened since then I’m unaware.

TY everyone
I’ll let you know how we make out

@chowdom. So anything good?

Hi corvette_johnny

Apologies for the delay in responding
Thank you for always being the first to jump in with
a recommendation… and thank you to everyone else
for your suggestions. Due to arriving really late, my sister experiencing a
fair amount of pain after a significant amount of dental work and being cray cray, time constraints,
and the snow we did not get to visit many of the places that we, rather I wanted to. So what follows is
“much ado about nothing”

1st night was pizza from a local pizzeria, Luigi’s. The pizza was okay my sister said it used to be better.

Day 2 lunch we picked up half a tuna hero from Gem on Union Ave in Hazlet. The cold cuts were boring boars head, the tuna was house made, nothing fancy just tuna with mayo but it was good. Tuna, lettuce, tomato, red onion, red wine vinegar, great bread … couldn’t have been better. I appreciate that the tomato and onion were cut to order, around here it’s almost always pre sliced and gross… simple pleasures.
Day 2 dinner was an ok burger and BLT at Kings Arms diner in Belford, at this point I was fairly certain my sister was on a mission to not go to anyplace I suggested?

Day three, finally … The Keyport fishery. Belly clams, Haddock, shrimp cocktail, and a salad my sister put together from the salad bar at the enormous world class Shoprite… the shoprite pit stop took over half an hour just enough time to destroy the fried coating on the belly clams and haddock. In addition the clams were muddy tasting, not sweet at all the haddock was much, much better. I found the coating on both extremely under seasoned as in there was no seasoning at all The accompanying tarter sauce was very good with none of the sweetness that I hate. I liked the fries a lot, but then I never met a crinkle cut I didn’t like. The shrimp cocktail was great, crunchy and fresh. Picked up NE clam chowder and Manhattan as well. The NE was boring and the Manhattan had way too much thyme. Not a complete wash, I would return for the shrimp cocktail and fries.

ps hey guys what is up with Jersey drivers, 70 mph in 30 mph Zone. I was honked at constantly, extremely annoying. I watched some one almost drive into the back of a stopped police car … officer was giving a ticket … apparently he was in the way of this particular driver.

Finally, I’m attaching gratuitous pics of dinner, haddock and pork belly BLTw/ spicy mayo, we had last night at my favorite diner in Elizaville on the border of Columbia/ Dutchess county NY. We detoured up there to avoid the shit weather in Westchester County … please don’t ask!



shoprite salad

shrimp cocktail

salad Elizaville diner

Haddock Elizaville diner

pork belly BLT Elizaville diner

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Hi all, we will be returning to the area this week. Not Hazlet but nearby
in the direction of Red bank.
Does anyone have anything to say about Juanito’s, slaters on 36, Basil T’s?


Ha! I just logged on to report in on my dinner tonight at Stamna, which is in Lincroft, all of 1.5 miles off of Exit 109 on the Parkway, which is what you take for Red Bank. Check out the post! Greek me again I just can't get enough, Stamna, Lincroft

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