Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

I havent had that chop but it is on my list.

So what is the deal with mr pizza? Is the pizza still the same?

@NotJrvedivici I can’t handle anything you throw at me lol. So any C5 shopping? I have been looking at a c5z for a daily driver but then the C7 z51 is tempting

Dont forget Tommy’s wings. Those are a red bank winner.

Not sure if it’s a typo but you clearly wrote you _can’t handle antyhingI throw __** at you. Um…I’m sorry CJ, it’s just my sense of humor, it’s me, I’m a cyber bully…not sure why, I thought I grew up in a happy home, maybe my mom didn’t show me enough love and my dad…oh my dad just worked all the time. Never came to my little league games…My grandfather use to help coach and the other kids thought he was my father…these feelings made me sad. I’m sorry CJ, it’s me it’s nothing you’ve done.

No C5 yet, not even entertaining it till the spring. I bought myself a new “family sedan” over the summer and we just got my wife a “new” SUV. Have to sell her current / old SUV and then by spring I might start looking.

I’ve had Tommy’s wings once and they were good. I’ve had “bad business” with Tommy’s so for that reason I don’t patronize them, but again that’s me not them.

darn typo lol

do you think muang is better than Siam garden? I think siam’s food is good but they are not cheap. If cost wasn’t a factor I think Siam would edge them out.

Oh so it was a typo? Ummmmmm just ignore that other stuff up there!!

I’ve never been a fan of Siam…don’t know why but the place just never took with me. Only been there 2 or 3 times.

I agree with so much that you have said here.

Spot on with Dish. It is also SO LOUD.

We also haven’t been back to Catch since having to wait an absurd amount of time for dinner and horrible service.

Love Via, hate trying to get a reservation.

Only argument is Runa. I love their ceviche, but I can see how it would be too acidic for the masses. It is very assertive with the lime.

Have you checked out the new French spot?

By the way, my favorite restaurant these days isn’t in RB. Belford Bistro. My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

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If Belford bistro was in RB that place would be railed every night!

Has anyone been to the chowdah house lately?

BB has been better than anything Red Bank has had to offer for years now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions–and for confirming what I had been thinking about Red Bank–that’s it’s a lot like Montclair; there’s hype about “all” the great restaurants, but there are really only 1-2 worth going to. In my case, I’d rather go have a good dinner when I’m not rushing to a show, so I’ll have to try some of these spots another time.

We ended up at Dublin Pub and it was as mediocre as I expected, but it was fine; the Smithwick’s was good and the burger didn’t kill me.

As an aside for you guitar/blues/rock fans, if you’ve never seen Joe Bonamassa live, I can’t recommend it highly enough (as long as you have ear plugs)–he’s phenomenal, and his band is stellar as well.

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Remodel was done in March after it changed hands:

I have to confess I haven’t made it yet. Brothers bar pies always get in the way. I have to check Mr Slice out. Maybe next week.

No, but if you liked the old Corner Bistro where Muang Thai is now, the chef is the same. Although I’m not big on French, and the old place was cramped, I’ve always liked his food. It should be good.

Don’t worry CJ, it’s only a half sour.

Ah Red Banc, she is the seductive mistresse.

She entices you with a flash of thigh, a throaty laugh, and a frisson of an exotic perfume. You can’t resist, it will be better than last time.

You say yes, again.

Then you wake up in an alley with your wallet missing and a splitting headache from being hit over the head with an eight ball in a sock.

Yes, Bedford Bistro is good, but if it were in Red Bank it would be over run. I’d prefer to keep it where it is and slightly off the radar.

Between Via 45, San Reemo, Boney Sera Sera and other places doing that kind of thing, my clear preference is Christine’s. Chef Ron just makes delicious food, I’ve never had a bad meal there. I don’t even mind waiting when they are busy.

@NotJrvedivici Jr have you ever had Ron do a small party for 6 to 8? I have a vip vendor coming in December and I’m wondering if Ron will do some aged rib eyes. I presume he will as he is very accomodating. Maybe a few rib eyes and a couple porterhouse for 2…or some veal saltimbocca and steaks. Shit I’m hungry now!

I’ve been with a party of 6 one time, I’m sure he would accommodate you however he can. Book early and make sure you ask for the booth/table or a round table outside. He finally got the outside to where it is useable all year. (Unless we have a deep freeze)

Not sure why I decided to look at this thread, since I get to Red Bank about once every couple of years to meet relatives in the area who’ve decided to not allow us to come to their place. However, I actually have 2cents to add, since 14 of us went to Buona Sera to celebrate a birthday last month. Bottom line: exactly as “notJr…” described (not a bad thing for an event like this, mind you, but not a place I’d return to for a regular dinner either). Living in Bklyn for much of my 60 years, I know from Bad (capital B) red sauce Italian American places. This ain’t that bad. But, I also can recognize good food of that genre & this ain’t that either. Everything served as ordered by a professional yet friendly enough staff in a somewhat over the top artificial “authentic” venue. Everything with enough taste to discern that it was made with decent ingredients prepared with decent kitchen skill. Everything mediocre (& I don’t mean that in a bad way) - good enough for an event where interaction was the purpose and not the food. A successful event start to finish (with an acceptable price). We won’t be back.


I’m glad your event was successful.

While perhaps price acceptable in terms of Brooklyn or Manhattan, BS is pretty expensive for down the shore. As you say, the food is not bad, but it’s not great either. I find $ 40 for a mediocre veal chop Parmesan to be pretty spendy. Better American Italian can be had elsewhere in our area for the same or less lira.

As a result, BS would not be my first choice for an event or otherwise.

We called once for a birthday same day due to an unexpected change in plans and just by chance got Chef Ron on the phone.

Not only did remember us and get us a table, he also came over personally to wish us happy birthday even though it was busier than hell.

And the food was great as usual.

I would give him a call, I am sure he will take care of you.

The lunches, around 14 bucks or so, offer a better value in my eyes.

$14 for lunch at Boney? Wow, that’s not a whole lot more than the Pour House these days.

That could be worth checking out, but I’m not getting dressed up.

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Does boney Sera still have those 5lb bugs for dinner? I missed Maine this year and I’m craving some lobster. Try the scarp lunch and let me know what you think

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