Hazlet NJ tonitght?

Juanito’s has been there for a long time and has a decent reputation, while other fans of Mexican might suggest some other local places, I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t give them a try. @seal I think is more an expert on the local Mexican scene I’ll call his attention to this for comment. (@VikingKaj too if he’s still lurking around)

Slaters on 36 is reknown for the pork roll egg and cheese, enough said.

Basil T’s is no more, it has been re-branded Birravino and better can be had in the area. If you are looking for good Italian I would suggest Christine’s in Atlantic Highlands (Pricier compared to Birravino however far superior and double portion size).

Thank you JR … I am really hoping to get to one of these places
My sister will be glad to hear that slaters is still good, but sad to
hear about Basil T’s, was it Sandy that did it in?

No as I said it was just re-branded, the same owner but new menu and price points. The “lowered” their prices however they also reduced their serving size so it’s about a net equal if you ask me. They made some other changes made it a bit less formal dining etc. I’m just not a fan of the brand, the owner still has his other restaurant in Rumson called Undici if your sister wants the old Basil T’s experience.

TY … got it

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Slaters is famous for their slider which is a large and meat packed porkroll egg and cheese. If you want other subs there are much better spots. However, if you want a giant porkroll sandwich, this will do the trick. It’s almost too much meat for me. Did I just admit that? :slight_smile: it’s good but a little off balanced for me.

Jr, has it on the money. Christines is very good. I was at birravino the other night after a LONG time and confirmed why I never go there. What a joke. I was too embarrassed to take a picture of my meal to show people here how ridiculous the portions are. I’m officially done with that place.

Juanitos is not bad but not great. There are much better options but that place has a decent open atmosphere. It’s more of a fun spot to go with larger groups. If awesome quality food is what you want, I think you will be dissapointed.

Anyway, don’t listen to yelp lol. Ask here. You will get some honest opinions from people who love food and aren’t trying to be a social media hero

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Sorry @NotJrvedivici but I’ve never been to Juanito’s. If I am going out for Mexican I never get past Red Bank or Long Branch.

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