McDonaghs Pub, Keyport

So hit up McDonaghs Pub in Keyport for lunch today:

Again I went for the burger, ordering the classic:

It arrived reasonably promptly, fully dressed and cooked a perfect RARE !

Wow. Gotta say one of, if not the, best burgers in Monmouth. Juicy, juicy, juicy. My friend who went to Frankie’s last week was with me again, and he may have liked the McD burger better. To me it’s like the red head vs the blond. Both are very delicious and properly prepared. So you can’t go wrong going home with either. If anything Frankie’s might have had a little beefier flavor. But it was not as juicy as McD’s by a mile.

Toppings all fresh and delicious the burger also came at $11.95 with a small portion of perfect fries. And the cook threw on free BACON, even though we didn’t order it.

Nights and weekends at McDonaghs can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if there is a band. But today we were the only people in there. Even at lunch they do play the rock and Irish so it can be a little noisy but it was tolerable.

The are also running $5 lunch specials all this month, including an awesome looking bar pie and a stacked BLT on rye. So I will be heading back soon to give these a shot.

Again, simply one of the best burgers in Monmouth.

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And why isn’t this in the official NJ cheese burger thread? (Unless I had one too many and missed it :slight_smile:)

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Because if you are looking for a review of the restaurant it is easier to find if you have the name in the title, and the review is not buried in a mile long thread.

A separate thread also gives extra name recognition to the restaurant. If I like the food I want to encourage others to try it, so the place stays open and I can go back.

Staying open is not always a given in our area, even if the food is good.

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By the way, I have posted plenty in that Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Pepsi no Coke thread too, like 32 out of 113 posts.

That is the most of anyone including the OP :wink:, so it’s not like I’m ignoring you.

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Touche! I’m just busting your balls. You’re definitely a burger connoisseur. I will have to add this to my list.


I have further included some gratuitous burger shots in the official thread for your viewing pleasure and to boost my post count…

Bar pie and BLT on rye at McDonaghs today:

Bar pie was surprisingly good with a very thin cracker crust.

BLT was good too, but coulda used more BACON.

Chipotle mayonnaise was crap, but I got regular instead.

Gotta say, totally different crowd from Frankie’s in PPB. Lots of people checking the racing forms and betting football.

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