Broad Street Diner Keyport

A friendly store front and friendly greeting from nice people at the Broad Street Diner in Keyport today:

They proudly advertised themselves as Jerseys best diner on the door, according to some poll. And I would have to say they are pretty good.

They had a number of good looking specials at around $ 10, including a very tempting hot brisket sandwich. But with the warm weather I went for the blue cheese burger deluxe:

This arrived promptly on a brioche bun with green leaf lettuce, fresh (!) Jersey tomato, red onion, dill pickle, homemade cole slaw and some perfectly cooked (blanched) hand cut fries. Everything was very good, the burger had just the right amount of blue cheese, flavourful but not overpowering.

If I have a beef with the burger it would be that I ordered it rare with a warm center and I got medium. But it was tasty nonetheless.

And the best surprise was the check, $8.51 with tax so not a lot more than fast food for really good food.

The place is extremely popular and almost all tables are full as I am writing this at 2pm with new groups arriving all the time.

The evening specials are all homemade and also look reasonable at around $15 including meatloaf, country fried steak, ribs, Thanksgiving turkey and a fried seafood combo. I will bet they are all good.

Finally they do breakfast too including a pulled pork omelette, the Jersey Guys breakfast club sandwich (involves Taylor ham), and something called “The Hangover” in addition to pancakes and waffles.

I highly recommend and will be back soon to try other things.

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I love this diner! It’s got everything you want in a diner, perfect ambiance. And they really seem to make everything themselves which is a big bonus.

You had me at Country Fried Steak… :joy:

Yeah, I’m going have to go back for that. It’s not real common on menus in Jersey.

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Nice find, thanks for sharing. I’ve got a soft spot for Jersey Diners, love hearing about them especially to hear they are thriving. For the life of me I can’t place where it is but next time I’m in Keyport i’ll have to remember to give it a try.

Always enjoy the food here. Last visit was about a week ago for dinner. $20. for two. I had the Brunch burger and the lady had fish and chips. We’ve enjoyed the breakfast bowls and pork roll breakfast sandwiches during other visits.

The state vote for best diner and Bobby Flay’s visit ran on CBS Sunday Morning last week. Let’s hope nothing about the place changes.

Bobby Flay is usually the kiss of death as far as anything resembling good food goes.

Desayuno Burrito Broad Street Diner…couldn’t finish it. $10.95, a chorizo stuffed bargain.


This guy was there too this A.M.

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