Your favorite recipes of non alcoholic mixed drinks?

At parties, there are more and more demand for non alcoholic mixed drinks, due to religious, medical reasons or just no alcohol days. What’s your beloved recipes for mocktails, or mixed drinks?

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I learned to make fruit shrubs about 5 or 6 years ago, and now if I go to a party in the summertime (fruit season) I bring a fruit shrub and some seltzer, and sometimes a nice herb garnish (whatever’s around - thyme and lemon verbena are favorites.)


I like Mexican-style Aguas Frescas

A virgin Dark & Stormy with homemade ginger syrup/ginger beer and lime can be nice.

I like Mexican horchata, not so fond of Spanish horchata.

I like passion fruit juice.

Also, blackcurrant juice with sparking water. I like the German, Italian and Polish fruit juices better than Canadian ones.

Some good ideas here

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My favorite drink is cold brew coffee because Cold brew coffee is better than hot coffee.

Yes, it is true I mostly drink Cold brew coffee instead of hot coffee because I feel that it is much healthier than hot coffee and also has great health benefits such as cold brew coffee improves my mental health, it feels me good, and also boosts my energy level which helps me to do my work effectively whole day.

If you wanna get the recipe that how to make the best Cold brew coffee at home visit here.

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I drink frappé, Greek-style iced coffee made with instant coffee, from St Paddy’s until Halloween.

I like a passionfruit herbal tea from Brazil that’s sold at Portuguese stores and bakeries.

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Alcohol or non-alcohol were the categories offered.

The closest to a mocktail would be sparkling apple or grape juice.

Other offerings were:
A couple varieties of soft drinks and fruit juices
Chilled water with cucumbers
Bottled water

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I like a base that can be mixed with alcohol, or not. If “or not” then usually soda/seltzer or something a little more interesting than plain water helps make it a party drink.

As with @mig I learned to make shrubs a few years ago (cold method - iirc @shrinkrap has a couple of threads going), and love them for these types of things. I will say though that for a non-alcoholic drink, you do have to be much more careful about the type of vinegar or it can be overwhelming.

My favorite shrubs so far, that work with alcohol and without:

  • Watermelon (you have to like cucumber, because it starts to taste a bit cucumber-y). This is also really good with lime or mint or both.
  • Orange - this is like orangina. Just delicious. Fauxrangina :wink:
  • Lemon - a great make-ahead lemonade, and can be combined with other things to fancy it up (I’ve combined with ginger shrub or simple syrup, mint simple syrup, and so on)
  • Blackberry - this takes on a very savory flavor, interestingly. Lovely mixer for seltzer/soda/sparkling water/sparkling wine.
  • Ginger - this can be potent, so a ginger syrup is sometimes lighter for non-alcoholic use.

If people are avoiding sugar, you can also make a sugarless base with something like orange blossom water, rose water, or steeped saffron to enhance a glass of plain sparkling water or seltzer. Or a big jug of iced water with muddled mint, or slices of citrus (I’m not a cucumber person though people love it).

Years ago my uncle made me a glass of sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime, and it’s still one of my favorite things to drink when I want a glass of something but not alcohol.

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For me, the best mocktails are a virgin Mary, or Piña Colada.

V8, lemon juice, celery, celery salt, Worcestershire, black pepper, and Frank’s hot sauce.

Pineapple (and or juice), coconut cream, lime juice, vanilla.


Orange blossom lemonade


Since the weather was a bit chilly outdoor, I made an earl grey chocolate for guests. Not much people were interested, they only wanted alcohol.

Actually we also tried a version with Suze, even better.

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