Shrubs and fruit vinegars!

So I got two pinapples, I got some great ideas (thanks all!),

…but God forbid I should throw away skin and core, and I’m off on a tangent.

Wanted to park some ideas and get some input.

Love Thing Pinapple Vinegar

Serious Eats Cold Processed Shrub

the kitchn how to make a fruit shrub syrup

fermented food lab-how to make raw pineapple vinegar

Cooks Info- Pineapple Vinegar

Pop Science -Making Vinegar at home

I used up my home made cider vinegar, and “mother”, but have Lalvin Dried Wine Yeast EC from a previous tangent ; I think hard cider.

Using Wild Yeast To Make Pineapple Vinegar

Edible Austin Pineapple Vinegar

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Food Republic How to make fruit vinegar

Genius Kitchen homemade pinapple viegar ( VINAGRE DE PINA) no mother!

supreme vinegar apple-cider-vinegar-pineapple-vinegar-cores-rinds-notes

Shrubs are always a tasty option

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tepache pineapple wine

Thank you! I’ve started some nectarine.

Fruit scrap vinegar

Cherry balsamic

Food 52 how to

Sweet cherry shrub


Lemon Aron Cherry Shrub

I once bought a peach vinegar at a place called Casa Casale in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA. It was so sweet and non-vinegar-like that it could be added to iced tea or cocktails and you would NEVER know it was vinegar.

Place gets a wrap as being a tourist trap but damn, they make good oils and vinegars.

I was sampling some and it was so delicious that I said, “I’ll take a bottle!” without thinking. Do not ask me the price when it was rung up. I may faint again. :smiley:


Here is my pinapple vinegar!

Nectarine and sweet cherry shrub in the works.


A helpful video

looks like a lot of work. I am sure I will be too lazy to do that. Never had fruit vinegar but I do like coconut vinegar that comes from the Philippines esp the coconut vinegar with spices made by Date Puti.
Son came home after spending the weekend on the boat with friends.
Served them aged cheddar cheese , jalapeño jack cheese with crackers, chicken vindaloo , and from the garden, shishito peppers from the garden stir fry with EVOO until they charred, splashed of lime salt and lime, pan fried zucchini served with Datu Puti’s spiced coconut vinegar, and cantaloupe from he garden with a bottle of Frontera’s mixed Cabernet S and merlot. As usual, forgot to take pictuses when I have guest.

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It’s starting to feel that way. The only thing I dislike more than a lot of work, is a lot of waste. I’m hoping to find a little waste , little work version of pinnapple vinegar for curtido. Hopefully I won’t poison myself, or anybody else in the process.

I think I have some of that Datu Puti’s spiced coconut vinegar!

I also hate waste. Would be interesting to make some pineapple vinegar. I use pineapple juice a lot for marinading pork ( Sate Babe) and Pear juice with crushed pear for marinading beef to make Korean charcoal beef when I used to make them sit tenderizes them. I seldom make them nowadays since I have alpha gal syndrome unless my son request for them for his friends. Cooking 2 different versions of food for him and myself is a lot of work. He propose that I again use kitchen waste for our composting bin but I hate to go to the bin bec every time I open it, there are gnats and other insects that come out from there. So, I have a small green plastic composting pail outside my kitchen, use a cut to clear Ajka crystal with top as I hate to have fruit flies etc and after 3 days, I found flies and even maggots there. I keep on buying kitchen stuff ( was collecting copper pots, the heavy ones 3-4 mm ones but now, am not using them as it is work to make them shine and had to give u a lot of supplies to store all those copper pots from various parts of the world) and keep on giving things away as I run out of space in kitchen so my resolve is no to buy any more gadget ( other than my current collection of Murano, cut crystals and American Brilliant that will ease my tired eyes). That is why when I watch the video on pineapple vinegar, I told myself, another gadget? No way !

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I just made a cucumber & mint shrub. It’s good but I think next time I’ll use a white balsamic instead of apple cider vinegar.

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That sounds like a good combination! How long did you keep it before trying it? I have something cherry, and some nectarine doing something since I started this thread. Is it fermenting? It’s in the fridge. I haven’t tasted it yet.

Today I picked a tomato that was so ripe it was essentially a bag of juice. It burst as I was wrestling it loose, but it didn’t taste “spoiled” or fermented. Maybe it could be a shrub.

It was good - not my favorite but tasty. The rhubarb is my favorite. Our shrubs are not fermented. I have blackberries for a blackberry cordial next.

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I see; I guess the vinegar in the shrub is fermented, and the purpose of the sugar and vinegar was to preserve it.

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