What's For Dinner #91 - the Irish Spring! Edition - March 2023

No, I’m not talking about that ridiculously named soap and its even more cheesy commercials!

We get Daylight Saving Time on March 12.

We get green rivers and drunken fools drinking green beer on March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day.

We get the Vernal Equinox on March 20th.

And just for fun? We get What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day on March 3rd. Now THAT could be dangerous for all involved! :cat::dog:

We’re hoping for crocuses and daffodils to start budding soon.

But we’re expecting several more messes of winter weather before it all goes away.

We’re in that in-betweener time of year. For those in the midst of winter climes, we’re edging up to Mud Season. And while some want to still ski the slopes, others are looking forward to having a snow-free grill to start trying out new meals. Or at least be able to open the windows in the house.

So which one are you? Still going for the warming stews, or looking to clean off the grill grates?


Don’t forget Pi Day …

And as we all know, it is never wrong to have pie for dinner. Or, really, at any time.


My grill has a foot of snow on it, and the rest of the deck has four feet… coldest February here in decades. Power has been out since yesterday in our town and several adjoining (14,000+ homes), but that is a common occurrence with PG&E with any kind of weather.

F’ the ski slopes… I want an early and consistent Spring ASAP.


UGH!!! Whereas New England is severely under the snowfall totals. Not that I’m bitching about that. Of course, it’s not over - March came in nicely today, so the end of the month could be a sh*tshow as it relates to that white four letter word!


" The Point Eatery, 420 Hwy 7 Unit 32, Richmond Hill "

A Win-Win scenario!

This fairly new, cozy, neighbourhood Hong Kong Style diner, located around the corner from ’ O’Mei ', offers exceptionally prepared, well priced and tasty comfort food augmented by attentive and friendly service.

Our well-priced afternoon tea snacks of Club-Sandwich with French Fries, Hong Kong style milk tea and Baked Seafood Casserole in a cheesy, cream sauce on fried rice were both near flawlessly prepared.The result, extremely enjoyable and filling!😋😁👍


My life would be forfeit. They get away with enough as is. Today my cat ate a piece of onion :woman_shrugging:t3:


We’ve been threatened with cold March weather, but so far in the Southeast it’s been balmy. So grilling it is!

Still solo parenting. I had more tortilla soup and leftover cake with whipped cream and berries. My kiddo and I made him pepperoni pizza and deli turkey and cheese roll-ups with crescent dough. Cucumbers with honey mustard dressing on the side. He’s gunning for Valentine’s Day candy for dessert. No pics again.


I love how every HK style diner has a clubhouse sandwich on tap. That and baked porkchop rice.


We had snow here in Zurich a few days ago. 1/32nd of an inch.


Quiche is a pie!


Be safe and sane over there! I’ve been reading some pretty sad news about the stormageddons your way.

I hope s/he doesn’t sleep near you tonight. That could be a bad aftereffect.


Theodor Seuss Geisel would have been 119 years old as of tomorrow, March 2. We had Seuss parties every year as it was our oldest’s birthday, too. Ham roll-ups, green devilled eggs and crudités were on the menu. Any birthday cake will do. It is a busy month for food realated celebrations and I’m thinkin’…

Since I am reading ‘An Irish Country Cookbook’ by Patrick Taylor, I’ll try something from there. His ‘Irish Country Doctor’ series features recipes attributed to the housekeper character in his novels. I will find something in there for the 17th to make but it won’t be anything like corned beef and cabbage. I cannot be in the same room as that dish. I’ll probably do something salmony or mussely and mashed potatoey with Guinness salad dressing on a green salad and soda bread with Irish butter. Guinness cake with Irish cream frosting for dessert? Possibly.

Pi day March 14, will be spinach and mushroom quiche, green salad and some kind of fruity hand pie, maybe a Flathead cherry one from fruit retrieved from the freezer stash for dessert.

St. Urhu’s Day, March 16 we’ll have something like pickled herring or an open faced sandwich with ham on a nice dark rye, raspberry soup and maybe a cloudberry cake. Pülla, for sure, toasted for breakfast with lingonberry jam dunked in coffee.

Spring starts March 20…lamb roast with coffee gravy, oven roasted potatoes and asparagus. Usually a lemon surprise or coconut cake in there. Repeat this menu for Easter in April.
Maybe pictures as the month progresses. I really enjoy seeing what all of you produce!


Open face tuna melts, potato chips, and a martini.


Grilled octopus tacos, with serranos torreados, crushed peanuts, and lime. Write up is here in the DOTQ Winter 2023 thread, Tacos.


Potato chips are the perfect side dish for any tuna sandwich.


Chive crepes filled with homemade, cold-smoked steelhead trout. Cream cheese for me, mayo for him. Spring greens in raspaberry vinaigrette.

There will be brandied fruit for dessert.


I feel ya . More coming Saturday through Wednesday

Hot dogs cut up into beans , couple fried eggs , with bacon tonight for dinner .Cheers.


Is that Beefeater I spy?

It is! I’m running low :joy: