What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

Chicken Caesar salad with leftover scallion chicken, garden romaine, and both bread and chicken skin croutons.


We wined and dined al fresco with our puppy Matisse tonight :slightly_smiling_face: Mrs. P made Andouille sausage pizza, using a Stonefire thin crust, and goat cheese stuffed pepadews. It went great with a nice Shiraz.


Rapid shop and cook this evening. Made chicken curry (with potatoes) and a warm carrot salad to take over to my friend’s place.

Very pleased with my speed of prep and cooking for the first time! I got home at 5:30 and left again with the food at 7.

Forgot to take a pic tonight, but I have some leftovers so I’ll take one tomorrow. The chicken curry was one of my home favorites, very simple but intensely flavorful.

The carrot salad started with the idea of a Kerala-style pachadi (tempering plus coconut) but I thought I was out of coconut, so I pivoted to French-Bengali fusion - mustard, cumin, splash of vinegar. Then of course I found the grated coconut in the freezer… so I added it anyway. Very tasty for a mish-mosh.

Eaten with naan (I really would have preferred chapati sor parathas with this prep, but oh well) and rice.


Your sauce sounds amazing. I love Calabrian Chiles as well. I use them in place of RPF most of the time. They provide a really nice heat with a well balanced flavor. RPF, to me, are just hot.

Thanks! It was one of those moments when all the sauce stars aligned :wink:


I love those kinds of moments.

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My next door neighbor kid stopped by yesterday with a 18" fluke (probably one of the last as the season ends on the 27th) that he caught behind our houses. Since his family doesn’t eat fish we often get their catch. They are great neighbors.

Tomatoes and shallots tossed with a dressing of olive oil, honey, garlic, red wine vinegar, S&P were roasted until a bit soft. I laid the the fish on top and since I had extra dressing brushed the fillets with it as well. With about 5 minutes left to cook I added lemon zest and lots of fresh mint. The recipe was based on one from the NYT. The hardest part was peeling the shallots. Very tasty but next time I may add some capers to better balance the sweetness.


I read the NYT review of Chambers, which mentioned eggplant parm made with cheddar and sungolds. And I have all those things, plus oyster mushrooms, so mine is better! Also string beans fried with onion and hot pepper.


Pics: Carrot salad and chicken curry



With a side of Brussels sprouts


The cold weather arrived last night, and BF made a hearty Pollo Guisado. He had always done this with beef, but swapped that out for a whole chicken. With only that one change, it is amazing how much different the flavor was. The chicken being left on the bone added immense flavor.

Tonight’s meal TBD.


At work for 4 hours to try and catch up. Sorta did. There will be more on Monday, of course.

Easy dinner…BISO chicken breast first roasted with just olive oil and s/p, then adding some Spicewalla’s Honey and Herb Rub halfway through. Halved figs added near the end. Because why not?

Leftover rice pilaf and roasted Brussels sprouts with olive oil, s/p, and Penzeys’ roasted garlic powder alongside.

Oh yeah. There was wine.

It was a very brown meal. But it was good.


I’ll get the brussel sprouts right . Tofu , with brown rice and broccoli. Maybe some chicken or pork hiding.

You’re batting a robust .667

Tofu, broccoli and couscous.

No poultry or swine.

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I figured. I just moved the infield in for the possible bunt . The couscous was trickery . Looked like brown rice . Nice

Fall harvest dinner to celebrate my favorite time of year.

Roasted sugar pumpkin, green beans and carrots. Home-smoked bacon. Home-made applesauce. Twice-cooked leftover scallion-potatoes.

Everything from the garden but the pork belly - which DH cured and then smoked in his Bradley smoker - and the apples, which came from my BFF’s tree.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at James on Main in Hackettstown, NJ including char siu pork tenderloin and diver scallop with stir fried vegetables; halibut; mushroom panzanella salad; prosciutto San Danielle with charred sweet corn, cantelope, asparagus; duck leg confit; chocolate budino for dessert. It all went great with a couple of excellent Malbecs.


We cooked a big lunch with friends: Meera Sodha’s daily dal, rice pilaf, worker’s curry, cucumber raita, and a mild coconut tofu makhani. Dinner was fending.


Experimented with an everything bagel seasoning encrusted NY Strip. It was actually amazing and I would definitely make this again and recommend others to try it. Managed to nail a medium-rare interior. All around best steak I’ve made in a while. Side baked potato and broccolini. BF doesn’t do steak and had a salad.

There was also a piece of foccacia from Trader Joe’s with caramelized onion and cheese. Unnecessary but delicious.

To drink: Bacardi Gold, Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer, lime wedge.


Reminds me of the line from Aunt Voula in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”: “What do you mean he don’t eat no meat? :::long pause::: Ohhh, that’s OK. I make lamb.”

Sorry. Sunday morning brain with little cawfee goes in all sorts of ways. :rofl:

P.S. your steak looks amazing!