What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

The classic song is best sung by Frank Sinatra, IMO. :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:

School kids are back at it, complaining about having to get up so early!
(Yeah, just wait until you have to go to work, kids! :wink:)
Many parents are doing the “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” shopping cart glide through Staples’ supply stores.

Apples are ripening and soon will be ready to be picked.
And WITH those apples comes apple cider donuts. (Please get them at an apple orchard, hot out of the fryer and after being sprinkled with sugar!)

Leaves are going to start turning brilliant colors (depending on your rainfall and warm days/cool nights, that is!)

Autumn is my personal favorite time of year. Yes, I know it’s the start of the slow slide into the cold, dark winter months, but the beauty of autumn leaves, the aforementioned warm days/cool nights, and the homey, slow-cooked foods that start to be prevalent in the autumn still makes it my favorite season.

So - while it could still be warm, very warm, or downright HOT :fire: where you are, are you celebrating kids back at school? I mean, even Alice Cooper sang “school’s out for summer” - not forever!

And what are you cooking?


Out of work later than wanted. :rage:
Have tomorrow off. :+1:
No idea WFD tonight. :confused:
Opened the fridge.
Pkg of ground pork had to be used. :pig:
Had some broccoli. :broccoli:

So I went with a quick stir-fry of pork and broccoli with garlic, ginger, and char siu sauce over leftover rice, patterned after this recipe, topping with chopped cashews and green onions. No hot chilis, but it was good as-is.

Ohhhh, yes. There was definitely wine. :wine_glass:



Nothing sounded good tonight. I landed on soft-scrambled cream cheese eggs, bacon, toast with foraged wild berry jam, and tots. I ignored some blueberries and shared my eggs with the kiddo. He loved this meal, of course. His plate also had pancakes.


It’s triple digits in the country, so we’re hunkered down in blessed 66F SF. Thought of a dish my m-i-l spoke of, one for which she had no recipe nor clear memory of watching her mother or grandmother make, and not found in any books we could find. Enter the internet and bingo. Croatian bread dumplings.
Easy (I subbed panko for bread) and very delicious.
Croation bacon dumplings.-09-01 at 5.49.08 PM


Lamb and zucchini meatballs. Mediterranean pepper salad. Homemade pita wraps. Tzatziki.

Zuccs, peppers, shallots, tomatoes and cukes from the garden.


Chicken larb, fried egg, rice, tomato, and cucumber.


tonight I requested, and the BF made, FM heirloom tomato sandwiches on TJ’s brioche with bacon, and deviled eggs. He threw in some blistered shishitos - great addition.
a good summertime meal.

the rest of the FM tomatoes are getting the Nigel Slaterish preserved tomato treatment…

Tomato bacon sandwiches 1

preserved tomatoes 3


Found a local source for burrata, so I made a first course of sliced homegrown Purple Cherokees, burrata, special olive oil, fine sea salt and homegrown basil.

We also had grilled apple sausages from our local country butcher, roasted local cauliflower, and some very sweet CSA cantaloupe for dessert :slight_smile:

Sigh. Eating this time of year is … everything.


Lovely! I know these (or very similar) as Semmelknoedel. Austrian version - just minus the Parmesan.



I was thinking ahead to winter tonight and dreading the limited/flavorless produce from grocery stores. At least with our wintertime CSA we get good stuff.


Oh yeah? What kinda stuff you get in the winter?

Simple pasta with sautéed zucchini and cherry tomatoes in a sauce made from cream cheese, pasta water, oregano and red pepper flakes - served with some salami chips for texture


I almost made the exact same meal tonight. It was 50/50 until I saw the ground pork in my fridge.

It’s a good comfort meal.


We’ve got a new Cookbook of the Month for September: Cook, Eat, Repeat by Nigella Lawson. You can find the thread here: September 2022 COTM - COOK, EAT, REPEAT


Caprese with burrata, heirlooms from the FM, avocado. It’s a great combo.


Last night’s dinner was a simple “throw together” dinner… Bratwurst, sauerkraut and mixed vegetables.


Squid with cranberry beans, parsley and orange zest.


Looks fantastic! What’s the broth?

And yet, I have much more of an appetite then so I’m happier to eat!

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That looks pretty fantastic.

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