October 2022 Cookbook of the Month - Voting

We had a runaway favorite from the very start the The Malaysian Kitchen (6 noms), and then in a last few days Thali made a sudden and strong appearance (5 noms).

The Malaysian Kitchen: HERE is the EYB link to the list of recipes, and HERE is the author’s website and description of her book.

Thali: HERE is the EYB list of recipes and HERE is the author’s website and description of her book.

We can cook recipes from the websites/blogs of the authors in addition to their winning book.

To vote, click on the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of the comment below corresponding to the book you wish to select. You may vote only once. To change your vote, click the icon again to unlike the comment and then choose your new selection. If you cannot do this, then add a comment noting your change. Please do not reply to the ballot comments. To discuss the books, please reply to the original post.

Keep cooking from and sharing your experiences with Cook, Eat, Repeat in the meantime.

Voting will close on September 25 at 10:00 pm PST (U.S.).

To vote for THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN and CHRISTINA AROKIASAMY’S SITE, click the knife-and-fork icon at lower right.


To vote for THALI and MAUNIKA GOWARDHAN’S SITE, click the knife-and-fork icon at lower right.


Oooof! This is tough!

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Can’t really choose. I like both :slight_smile:

My vote is for THALI, but I will also be happy to check out CHRISTINA AROKIASAMY’S SITE if that wins as well. Trying to not buy more books at this point. Getting to a library is not really doable with work right now either. These are both great nominees!

I’m going with Thali. I really like The Malaysian Kitchen, but I’ve already cooked a lot from it. Thali will give me the opportunity to get to know a new author.

Ok, I went with Maunika Gowardhan month too, mostly because I like the range and quality of the website recipes for accessibility to anyone who wants to participate but doesn’t want to buy a book.

Just 22 hours to get your vote in!

In October we will be cooking from THALI and MAUNIKA GOWARDHAN’S SITE. Reporting threads will go up a little early because I will not be available on the first.



Is anyone aware of an errata listing for ‘Thali’? Mr. Ramone is hellbent on making the tomato chutney on P. 181, and noticed that the mustard oil and ginger mentioned prominently in the headnote to the recipe are not listed in the ingredients. TIA

On the Web site, the 5 Tbs of oil is listed as vegetable or mustard oil. But there is still no ginger mentioned.

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Huh… OK, thank you!

If you’re using mustard oil, heat it till smoking first.
(Couldn’t find errata but 1 tsp of ginger juice or grated ginger should work for that quantity of tomatoes.)


Thank you! I didn’t know to heat it til smoking.

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