What's for Dinner #69 - The "It's Gotta Be May" Edition - May 2021

Oven roasted cod loin with saffron, lemon, rosemary & garlic. Mashed potato and carrot with thyme. And a shout-out to my balcony garden, without which I would not have these nice hyper-local herbs.



Kid history project yielded Mac and cheese for dinner - decadent and delicious. Dad was the helper.

Alongside we had roasted vegetables - Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

And for some of us, braised short ribs with porcini that had the benefit of a fridge rest for a couple of days. Just delicious and so intensely savory. I had made mashed potatoes, which were the correct foil, but not for tonight.



Sirloin (simply prepared with Montreal Steak Seasoning and olive oil), broccolini, and roasted red potatoes. Oh, and garlic. The broccolini was sautéed in the cast iron while the steak was resting. It was decidedly undercooked, though tasty. The line between burnt and raw was a fine one on a smoking hot skillet, so I went with the former. At least the garlic was good. Steak ended up being medium rare, which is what I was aiming for.

To drink was Tito’s on the rocks. As you can gather, a hunk of flesh means I was dining solo. So that also meant a dose of Svengoolie on this Saturday night to accompany dinner.


Lately, since we aren’t ‘dining in’ anywhere, I’ve been making afternoon tea at home every two or three weeks. Simple sandwiches like smoked salmon and cream cheese, my special egg salad, cheese and chutney or pickle, thick butter with cucumber, followed by a scone with fruit and thick or clotted cream, and a little cake or two. (On this day we added store-bought individual strawberry trifles. I was way too full later.) Lashings of tea (regular PG Tips, or occasionally Assam). And there’s no longer any point to a fancy tea anywhere really.


I love this! What a fun tradition.


I thought we were the only ones to have afternoon tea for dinner.


Apparently not! I’d love to know what you prepare for a tea. Last week I made little lemon meringue tarts. They were lovely and crispy at first, then later were less so. Amazing what you can do with one egg and half a lemon :grinning:


My friend prepared a fabulous birthday dinner for me with some incredible wines :yum: Unfortunately, I was too busy eating to take notes on the fabulous dishes and presentations :blush: My memory is even foggier the next day after drinking all of those incredible wines. I do remember there being pork (alone and mixed into a savory waffle), crispy air fried soft shell crabs, escargot, spinach salad with apples and avocados, rice wrappers, feta cheese with cranberries and nuts, and another waffle for dessert.


Happy Birthday :birthday:


This week we made kheer (rice pudding) and a Portuguese pound cake I posted in the baking thread. I also make those sandwiches – this week it was boiled egg mixed into leftover potato salad – but to be honest, I never thought those pair well with tea. I only do it because that’s what the British taught us.

Our primary tea is of course plain chai: water, milk, and tea boiled together. But for afternoon tea, we go fancy. For milk tea, we will brew tea and heat milk separately. This week, we had an Indian single estate black tea. But it’s not always milk tea. Last week, it was a Taiwanese green tea. A Chinese black tea the week before. There’s also a yellow tea in our regular rotation.


Happy birthday!! My son’s is today. Is this your chef friend or the foodie friend?

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Wow. Absolutely amazingly extraordinarily stunning dishes … and beautiful landscaping too …

Happy belated birthday wishes …

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Happy birthday to you! A lovely meal spent with friends is such a wonderful celebration.

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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and happy birthday to your son @ChristinaM. This was my foodie friend.
My actual birthday is Monday the 24th but I am celebrating it over the weekend.


My husband recently decided to go off coffee and after I prepared him a milky mug of PG Tips, he was a convert. Unfortunately now, my 80-bag box doesn’t last us very long.

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Continuing my birthday weekend, we enjoyed another sensational dinner at James on Main in Hackettstown, NJ. We enjoyed huge wood fired head on prawns, a Fred Flintstone sized short rib, crispy roasted pork belly, crispy duck leg confit and house sausage, tempura battered black bass, beet salad, a side order of crispy hand cut fries, and an excellent amuse bouche of spring pea vichyssoise with pea tendrils, and pickled pink strawberries. It all went great with an excellent cabernet.



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Made an Asian peanut “sauce” for some fresh egg noodles we had leftover, and prepped a bunch of veggies - stir-fried, raw, and pickled - sauteed a little marinated pork shoulder, and served all of it over the noodz. “Sauce” never got loose enough so i used some of the noodle water, which made it creamier than i wanted. Still tasty, and I used up a lot of TPST of veg that was in our fridge.

asian noodles, veg, pork


Sunday dinner. Blsl chicken thighs, Peruvian style with aji verde. A wedge of tortilla español from the freezer with aioli and garlic chives. Lots of green things salad, manchego cheese with sherry vinegar and oo dressing. Shariz made an encore appearance.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2