What's for Dinner #69 - The "It's Gotta Be May" Edition - May 2021

May Day and Maypoles and dancing around them, to herald the start of warmer weather.

Named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility. Which means it’s finally time for planting, starting vegetable and herb gardens (for those of us who live in the colder climes), mowing the newly green grass, spreading mulch, flower boxes, getting outside, enjoying the sunshine!

And, of course, enjoying drinks on patios and decks, and perhaps finally gathering with friends you haven’t seen for over a year.

So, what’s your fancy for this month of cooking?


I just returned from the market and started the Egg. What to sacrifice…what to sacrifice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On the deck with the four-legged personal assistants trying to decide. I was outvoted 8 to 2 for ribs. (They said I could only use my arms.)

It’s just a gorgeous day so a long-ish cook seems fitting.


Lunch Lasarte By: Martin Berasategui, Barcelona.


Wow! Spectacular presentations!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Pretty pictures.

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Thank you very much. It is quite an amazing restaurant. The dessert was heaven too !

Have a lovely weekend. We shall celebrate Mother´s Day Sunday the 2nd. It is always the first Sunday of May in Spain. Also in France and Italy.

Today was Labour Day, the 1st of May. And it is a long weekend, and Monday is a holiday too ! International Women´s Day.

So, my mother´s day gift is “no cooking at home” ! Ha Ha …


My dear took the photographs. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

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Mother’s day is celebrated on 30th May in France, 4th Sunday of May. I just checked, Italy celebrates theirs on the 2nd Sunday of May, like most places in the world. Spain celebrates the earliest! Have a nice day tomorrow!


Curious about food for photography (in general), can you eat them after the shooting? Or they are made just for the photos, cook in a way to look pretty?


After buying some clothes at Kohls after over 16 months of NOT buying clothes and making do with what was already in my closet, I hadn’t a clue as to what I wanted for dinner as I wandered around Market Basket this afternoon, even with a freezer full of food at home. Nothing enticed in the freezer or MB…until I saw BISO chicken thighs in the market, and Chicken Paprikas settled into my brain.

So that’s WWFD, adapted from a 1995 recipe in my Mastercook software. With Near East Rice Pilaf and steamed green beans as the sides. And wine.


We celebrated Beltane tonight with spring lamb - rack of lamb to be specific! Reverse sear method worked beautifully- took about 40 mins at 200 to get to 95 degrees internal, which gave me plenty of leeway to sear without overcooking. I had to put it under the broiler for a few minutes to brown the concave side of the bones, then did the remaining browning on the stove top. It reached 135-140 after resting and was absolutely perfectly tender throughout. Mint pesto and charred Brussels sprouts with lemon alongside.


A very happy Mother’s Day to you @Barca! I do hope you enjoy your long weekend, as well - how nice to have an International Women’s Day the Monday following Mother’s Day.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Greek/Orthodox Easter, and Mother’s Day is the following Sunday. Nice, celebratory times in good weather!


Happy Mother’s Day and Happy International Woman’s Day!

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Wow! What a gorgeous perfectly cooked rack of lamb!

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Yesterday the kitchen was occupied. Stuffed grape leaves, a pistachio baklava, and more.

The orchid blooming in that Wardian case has been blooming for at least a month.

Just me and the hubs tonight!
Reverse seared New York strips “to order” (see toothpicks), and the last of the peas, steamed in lettuce, with, I think, a yogurt and goat cheese dressing. Made way for the tomato transplants.

The steaks are prime from Costco, the first in a very long time, and not as nice as I had come to expect.


We enjoyed some excellent takeout, dining alfresco on our deck for the first time this year on this gorgeous day. Below is a link to details and pictures for those that might be interested.


As a nod to the Running of the Roses and my Kentuckian great grandfather, there was a Mint Julep and dinner was bourbon bbq pork tenderloin, black eyed peas and a kilt salad. My pick Midnight Bourbon finished 6th.

Friday night was an encore of the Vietnamese chicken. I am in love with the marinade. I marinated a, what does @lindaWhit call it, ah, Frankenbreast for a few hours and then roasted it to a moist, flavorful piece of heaven. The broccoli carrot slaw was also a big hit. I only ate half of the breast and there were a few martini rocks consumed.


Eggs Benedict


I love going shopping for enjoyment and inspiration.

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i thought France celebrated Mother´s Day on 1st Sunday of May.

Thanks for correcting … Italy, my error …

Photos at Restaurants: These plates are the plates we have eaten or ate.

Photo Shoots: Normally you can eat the food on these plates however, it depends on project.

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