What's For Dinner #61 - the Back to (Home) School Edition - Sept. 2020

Amen to that. We definitely heal through food (Italians of course)


Tonight, back home after 4 nights camping, I was craving vegetables. So I made summer minestrone, served up with cheese ravioli in our bowls. Just right. :grin: IMG_20200909_163326

Now the camp meals:

Saturday - grilled BBQ chicken thighs, COTC, cucumber-tomato salad, cherry hand pies. I only managed 1.5 thighs.

Sunday - "American Kobe beef":roll_eyes: burgers on onion buns with the works, more tomato-cucumber salad, jalapeño-bacon beans, s’mores IMG_20200906_195336

Monday: butter-sauteed local triggerfish, scallops, and shrimp, Old Bay-dusted grilled shrimp, and beer-battered local grouper. We adults demolished all that seafood. Then peach hand pies with locally-made vanilla ice cream.

Tuesday: turkey breast sloppy joes on onion buns, natural-casing German hot dogs in ww buns, salad with
homemade Dorothy Lynch(ish), kettle chips, s’more for the kiddo and leftover ice cream for us.

Just for fun: My day 2 breakfast was inspired by Nadiya’s Time to Eat: egg whites, sauteed spinach, and cheese topped with a toasted ww tortilla and eventually folded and seared. Served with salsa.


My riff on Masala Eggs (sautéed onions, garlic, ginger, chiles, spinach and spices with poached eggs) and The Sprout’s riff on these great grilled cheese sandwiches we get at little place in Edison, NJ. The sandwich includes paneer, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, edam cheese and a masala relish. We don’t have any good Indian food within 1/2 an hour so have become relatively adept at cooking it at home. Not authentic but tasty which is all that really matters to us.


Damn that all looks good, but especially the beer battered fried grouper - you did some deep frying at the campsite? Nice!
Hot dog looks great too - good hot dogs are an underrated food group, it’s oddly hard to find natural casing dogs.


Potato salada, hambagu, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, and miso soup.

Used this recipe for hambagu:

And the recipe for potato salada from Japanese Soul Cooking, which I also found online here: https://gastrogeek.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/potato-salada/

Added a boiled egg and ham to the potato salad.


Thanks for the link. Looks delicious.

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I think I could replicate something like this, but with an almond butter or a sunbutter. We can’t do cashews either. Thank you for the ingredient list!

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Yep, thanks! I got a deep non-stick pot for camping that has a built-in locking strainer (for pasta/veg) and silicone handles. Worked great for deep frying (DH manned the fish; I grilled the shrimp - HARD on a widely spaced grate!).


Yes - either should work!

Wishing your Dad the best possible outcome in good health

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What a loving DIL. Your in-laws are very lucky to have you, and I’m sure they feel the love in your cooking and all your other efforts to care for them.

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So sorry to hear that. Hope your dad feel better soon.

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I need that. Can you make one more!!

One of my hard drive suddenly became invisible and without files. Frantically, I tried everything to get back my data. Luckily after a day’s research, I found a neat software that can see the drive again and saved my data!


Pork with mustard and quetsche, a type of prune.
The prunes were very acid, and for days I was wondering what to do with them, as neighbour brought us from her visit somewhere.

Veal liver, red onion confit and orzo

Cod with curry, frittata

Curry goes well with rice, always!

Veal tartare with lime juice and herbs

Eating out: Cambodia spicy minced pork

Amok: pollock steamed with lemongrass, curcuma, coconut milk

Minced pork with onion, speciality of Battambang

Ikea meatballs - not those you bought in stores, but using the ikea recipe published during Covid. Before cooking, H wasn’t convinced, but he loves them and asked for more …


That sounds like the perfect solution! Also maybe you could pickle some in a sweet-sour liquid?

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Good idea! I’ve some left, can do some pickles, or maybe with some alcohol too.


DH cooked! He made tikka masala sauced chicken thighs (luscious sauce as he left the skin on), garlic-chili-brown butter COTC a la Meera Sodha, and kale salad with currants, tomatoes, golden raisins, cucumbers, basil, and mint raita. We had porch drinks (pink cava and Italian bianco) and pickled okra and Castelvetrano olives and mixed nuts before. I could only manage one thigh and am now enjoying a double stout from the neighborhood brew pub.


Last night was a turkey meatball wrap in laffa, with hummus, tzatziki, lettuce, and pickles red onions. A little veggie couscous on the side.


Chicken milanesa - pounded bl/sl thighs, dredged in corn starch, egg wash, then panko with grated parm regg. Very crispy, juicy inside. Served on an arugula/spring onion salad, and a little bowl of leftover salmorejo to start. Crash hot smoked paprika potatoes on the side, slathered in homemade zhoug – after I devoured Trader Joe’s, I had to make my own. It’s so very simple and delicious. Zhoug goes on everything from now on.

Homemade Zhoug


Dinner Sunday late afternoon. DD2 and SIL came down, we experimented with the Ooni pizza oven they gave H for Father’s Day. The 2 Boston’s got rowdy and knocked over the little green table, right as a fresh bruschetta pizza was served. Pizza wasted & drinks spilled! Damn!