What's For Dinner #61 - the Back to (Home) School Edition - Sept. 2020

Dinner Tuesday night, chicken enchiladas.


Dinner Wednesday night - midwestern style pan fried pork loin steak with mashers and gravy. Garden green beans. Yum.



phew, glad you got that taken care of!

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One of my signature dishes which I’ve posted here several times: shrimp and chorizo in garlic oil. 16 cloves went into this one. Excellent crusty bread from Wegmans.

Dessert: chocolate peanut butter tart (shared and with leftovers), also Wegmans.


Spaghetti alla carbonara, veg, red wine.



I’m having that BLT salad tommorow…which is in 1 hour 20 minutes here!

Oysters! Free shipping for Labor day from TWO sources! Fifty today, two dozen next month ( I hope!) These are Row 34 from Island Creek.


Oh, no! So sad. The pizzas looked great, though. We have a friend coming over for socially-distanced pizza and beer tonight. We’ll be using our Ooni Pro, which we’ve had for about two months and already looks like it’s been around for years. We’re loving it, though.



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Ouch! Naughty doggies and they are always forgiven! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Friday … Lunch out at Mediterranean Seaside. (Lady with us, Mom in law) … Table next to our´s, Unknowns Lunching.
Calamari Romana, Wild Seabass in Crosta & Flambéed & Grilled Prawns with White Wine.


that looks incredible. maybe i missed it - tell me about your garlic oil? is it just like a slow poaching of garlic cloves?

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Hope you have a wonderful evening tonight! Is your Ooni oven wood burning, or propane? Both maybe? We have the Karu which is both, but we’ve been having trouble with getting the fire started in the small box. So we hook it up to propane so far. H has a few ideas to try moving forward. Any tips you have @bear, would be appreciated.

We cooked some locally smoked bone-in pork chops in butter and fresh sage and served with broccoli cheese and shaved fennel slaw. I dressed the fennel in the juice and zest of a lemon, mayo, sour cream, agave, fresh chives, and lots of s&p and it was so good!


One of those weeks.
Even though it was a short week.
Monday won’t be fun either.

My usual Friday night dinner of steak tips with Ballymaloe steak sauce (the last of it, but I hope to be picking up some more tomorrow), baked tater with the PSTOB and sour cream, and asparagus with a balsamic drizzle.

There was most definitely wine.

And HO isn’t allowing me to upload my pic. It’s taking forever to try and upload, then it just goes away. So just look for last week’s pic. Probably close to the same dinner. :wink:


More “mince” and tomatoes. I used the confit cherry tomatoes from a week or so ago , pushed through a “mill”, and served fresh tomatoes on the side.


We had our last dinner at Corso 98 in Montclair, NJ. They are closing at the end of this month after 21 years. It’s sad. This used to be an excellent restaurant but it looks like they have pretty much given up and are counting down the days until the end of the month. Service was all over the place. They put down our entree plates as they were picking up the appetizers plates. We didn’t have time to digest our appetizers. We then had to wait a half hour to get our dessert to go and check.
We had pork chops, tuna, spicy sautéed Hungarian peppers, clams oreganata, and beet salad. We took home Java chip ice cream. It went great with an excellent Napa Cabernet.


Rice noodle

-> pork chow fun

and happy me! (Us!)


I would love to find rice noodles here.