What's for Dinner #50 - The Spooky-licious Edition - Oct 2019

Unfortunately, here in the States, Halloween started back in early August. That was when I saw the first decorations pulled out in big box stores. ::::Sigh:::: (And a certain December holiday is already out in those same big box stores! I hate Marketing sometimes.)

BUT…October also brings on long-cooked, braised and roasted comfort food meals, leaves changing color, big ol’ leaf piles for the kids and dogs to play in, picking apples in cool weather under bright blue skies, apple cider, apple cider donuts…


So what are you cooking?


Weather is supposed to hit 90 tomorrow so braising and roasting are on hold for a bit longer.

Thinking an egg, potato, onion and peppers parm sub with mixed greens salad is on tap tonight.



This weather makes me feel like something warm. I’m making another batch of my courgette fritters - which I bake and are vegan.

That with a soup in the rain will be perfect. What are you making?


Looks delicious and welcome! Is that a tomato chutney for dipping?

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yes a homemade tangy salsa/chutney. I’ve put up the recipe on my instagram,not sure if you can access the link here (clearly new to this). But its under eat_travel_write. You can find a full list for both the fritters and the sauce there.

Thanks @Preksha_Shah.

that sounds excellent!

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Leftover spaghetti & Italian Sausage turns into an oven bake.


I made Melissa Clark’s Vietnamese caramel salmon tonight, and damn, it was good. A definite repeat. With cauli-jasmine rice and asparagus with sesame oil, butter, and furikake and smacked cucumber salad.


Okay, that was weird. I quoted part of your post and it repeated the whole post. :thinking: Anyway, I’d love some details about the Vietnamese Caramel Salmon & Smacked Cucumbers when you get a chance. Thanks!

Welcome welcome!

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Here’s the fish - she has a very similar stovetop recipe (but I prefer the IP - less…aromatic…ahem).

For the cucumbers, I trim three Persian cukes, whack gently with the side of a cleaver on a cutting board to break open somewhat, then slice into chunks on the diagonal and toss with a little salt. In a medium bowl combine approx. 3-4 Tbsp. Chinese black AKA Chinkiang vinegar, 1-2 Tbsp. soy sauce, 2-3 tsp. sugar, 1 clove minced garlic, and chili crisp to taste (I used homemade). You’re aiming for a good balance of sweet, salty, and savory flavors (remember the cukes are already lightly salted). Toss the cucumbers in the dressing and refrigerate until serving. Easy peasy.

I am the queen of :cucumber: salads :joy:!


Bookmarking! Thanks! King Salmon season!

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Dinner tonight is Triple Delight, ( my version) stir fry chicken breast, red Patagonia shrimp, 2 calamari tubes cut into flowers ( does not show in pictures but they are there.) marinaded in shaoxing wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, black beans sauce , stir fried with onions, ginger garlic, then set aside

, throw a splash of shrimp shell broth to deglaze wok, then some Evoo, vegetables ( broccoli stems, bell pepper and snow peas) thrown in, and then meat added back in with another splash of sesame oil. Son wanted more spice, so I chopped up a chipotle and a tablespoon of adobo sauce. Quick 10 min dinner served with rice.


Sounds delicious

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You know I LOVE my PC, but… I have never cooked fish in it for fear of overcooking (also - cooks so fast anyway).

Curious what the advantage of the IP is here - containing fishy smells? (But then i’d be worried about the fishy smell in the gasket…)


That’s looks so tasty!

I’m trying to picture this to try it out - can you please explain how?

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I was wondering what that meant too.

When I buy calamari at Asian store, they can come as tubes or as flowers.
If the tubes are available , they are cheaper. I make them into flowers, drop. the into boiling flower for a second or two util they curl up. Then, when I stir fry them, I throw them into the wok at the last minute as they had already had a brief cooking time. Always have ginger, garlic and onion and if possible bring onions when calamari are being cooked and so briefly.
Here is a picture of how it is done in U Tube