What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

How lovely

So cute @mariacarmen !

But what does this mean?

And how did you come to be cleaning up after 80+ of them? Yes, I’m nosy.


haha I volunteer for an organization that rents goats out to private and public properties for “goatscaping” - our goats get hired out to clear weeds, invasive growth, etc.

as a sideline, we’ve also had Goat Yoga sessions for the past two seasons, when we have babies.

i’m going on year 5, every Sunday, but I’m going to be cutting back to twice a month. But I can’t completely quit them yet!



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Ooh, your mashed taters look good. Might have to make some soon.


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Good Afternoon from Barcelona,

Photo 1) Was a small marinated sardine on a bed of quinoa caviar …

Photo 2) Brittany Coast Lobster with a Basque Evoo (extra virgin olive oil )

Photo 3) A King Crab Slaw with Basque Red Piquillo Peppers (they are sweet not piquant) sitting on a bed of shellfish broth.

Quite extraordinary !!


Okay, you’re forcing me to tell a story I was refraining from telling because of these cute photos and nice stories about visiting goats named Todd…

When I was a kid we went on vacation to Negril Beach, Jamaica with a group of friends & family. It was underdeveloped and really beautiful at the time. We stayed with and had all our meals cooked by this lovely family who lived in shack-like bungalows on the beach. They had this friendly, little goat who us kids played with everyday. We named him Bill. On our last night the family threw us a big party and served a surprise dish as a thank you… Curried Goat. They were so proud to be doing this and it really was a big deal because they were poor and only had the one goat. Us kids were devastated but our parents shushed us and made us eat poor Bill to avoid embarrassing and offending this kind family.

Sorry… couldn’t help myself.


It’s a great story. Animals are food. Your family must have made a big impression for them to offer that hospitality. Life story at your age at the time that I’m sure you understand now.

Jamaican curried goat is really good.


Thanks @Auspicious. Yep, knowing my mom she gave them enough to buy more goats. The milk was a big part of their diet. It was a memorable lesson on being considerate, graciousness and living with and how other folks live.

…but we did not like the curried goat. :sweat_smile:


Oh my …
One thing is eating meat and another in my viewpoint, is eating “a pet” so to speak.


I have an even WORSE story. My parents gave me a cute white little bunny for Easter when I was about 6. They got it from some farmer friends. I named him Marshmallow and loved him. When he became full grown, they said he had to go back to the farm. A couple days later my mom had a quart jar of canned meat. She told me it was chicken, but I realized it was Marshmallow and was horrified and crying. I refused to eat anything. I will not to this day touch rabbit. Jeez, what were they thinking??


Goat stew? I have no problem with sheep. I am looking out at this moment at our neighbor’s small flock. Love lamb chops, legs, shanks, tongues. But I can’t eat goat. They just look so wise.




Even when chewing on a can?

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I know, And in my ignorant youth I used to feed them cigarettes at Knott’s Berry Farm. They LOVED them!


One man’s meat is another man’s poison… or something like that. To us it was a pet. To them it was dinner. :cry:


Yep, you win. Much worse story! Have you ever asked them about it? Were they struggling to feed the family? Otherwise it’s just cruel! I :heart: the name Marshmallow for a bunny, btw.

I have always had the greatest respect and admiration for 4H youth who raise an animal with full knowledge that they would have to let them go, most probably for food. With better endings, the same is true with those who raise guide and other professional dogs.