What's for Dinner #46 - the June Is Busting Out All Over Edition - June 2019

Oh, bliss!

Here, it’s still cold and very wet - some parts of the UK have had a month’s rain in 24 hours.

DW found the recipe for this casserole 30-plus years ago on the side of a Bisquick box. It fed, filled and fueled our family of seven scores of times for decades. Last night’s version seemed bland to the two of us. Could have used diced Chile Peppers, perhaps?

Impossible Cheeseburger Pie


I find that my tastes have changed so much as I grew older that what I enjoyed as a young 20-something isn’t all that at a 60yo.


So true. And not just my eating tastes. I’m not at all sure the 20 year old Harters and the 68 year old version would like each other that much. Although, maybe they would.

Dinner out at a local restaurant tonight. Tomorrow - chilli & cornbread.


Here is my theory on changing tastes; when I revisit some of my older recipes I find that I usually have to double the seasonings ( not talking about salt or cayenne pepper here). I think that we have gotten used to higher spice levels in our food in a macro way. If you look at recipes from the 50’s say, you will see many recipes listing a 1/2 clove of garlic, 1/4 teaspoons of stuff like dried mustard, etc. Seems that collectively we just want tastier, spicier food.

That said, I do think for myself anyway that my palate and appetite has changed too. I can’t eat food as hot as I used to, I was a real chile head, and was able to handle a lot of heat. Additionally, heavy rich meals don’t appeal the way they used to. I do still love rib eyes, prime rib, pork roasts and of course always lamb. Just have to be in the mood for it.


I had a beautiful piece of belly salmon, nice and fatty and was partially sliced for crudo.
Some fresh lime juice, kosher salt and black pepper.


Something different to start…belly salmon crudo, on a sliced roasted red potato, with garlic aioli, thin sliced jalapeño, and dill, the others are treated the same but prepared on pretzel roll.
Very different and very delicious starter.

for the main , Lomo Saltado with French fries and cherry tomato and cucumber dill salad.
Pinot Grigio to drink and some sliced strawberries to end the meal.


Surf and turf tonight. With sides of spaghetti squash with garlic, shallot and onion sauteed in butter and grilled zucchini.


An easy roasted chicken breast with Penzeys’ Galena Street seasoning, Near East Rice Pilaf with some added Penzeys Fine Herbes, and steamed green beans.



Your Chicken is picture-perfect!


I love spring onion’s interest in animals (thinking of that caterpillar photo as well)! Really delightful, as is the whole fish. I haven’t done one in a long time but I do see Whole Foods has them on sale from time to time. This week halibut is on sale.


I didn’t get any dinner pics but this was harvested and deep fried…


W.O.W. That’s almost enough for all of us on this thread :joy:


Oh, lord, the Impossible Pies! They were limited only by Biscuik’s and our imagination. Pizza IP. Tamale IP. Take your favorite savory flavors, add Biscuik and milk, cover with cheese and bake! That was an era!


Started a new batch of kimchi the other day! My stuffing skills leave a lot to be desired but whatever. Also the daikon didn’t look good so i used regular radishes- pic was before i added the brine

Salad of All the Things with some of the extra radishes, lots of pumpkin seeds, olives, and butter lettuce

Another night i up a really un-photogenic black bean soup and this delicious lentil veggie curry patty from the hippie rastafarian vegan cafe- the pastry on the patty tasted a bit “healthy” but worked well with the innards


Dinner was salvaging last night’s shockingly dismal meal at a favorite place. I didn’t know it was possible to have too much lemongrass in something, or a dish salted to the point of being almost inedible.

I turned the sauce into a dressing with larb in mind, for a big salad of butter lettuce, fennel quick-pickled in the dressing, and pickled onions from an earlier pickled deviled egg experiment.

Topped with the rest of the leftovers - field peas, Brussels sprouts, and Chiang mai style sausage.

Actually quite a tasty meal, in stark contrast to the original!



Salad , with grilled chicken and bread. Wine to drink. Cheers.


Nice! I love Penzey’s Galena Street!

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Needed to us up some frig items including half a sheet of puff left over from the weekend. Lined the pastry with provolone, a few straggling slices of turkey pepperoni, and a mixture of sautéed leeks and chard. A bottle of Cab Franc on the side.


Is that a fish in your hand or are you just happy to see us?
You mention deep fried…anything special?