What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

Lololol! Doesn’t everyone have a suckling pig for breakfast? :man_shrugging:t3:

Here I was eating a green bagel on St. Patrick’s Day while @Barca eats a whole suckling pig and enough food for a king’s feast for breakfast!


We did not eat a whole suckling piglet for breakfast.

We eat lunch at 14.00 or 14.30 …

I probably prepared it or we ate it out …

If i remember, I only stated the fact that in Spain, we use Cochinillo, a baby suckling piglet and the Cubans use a whole pig for roasting.

I do not eat meat very often – so I think you are not correct or perhaps you mis-interpreted.

Well, you posted the pictures in the “What’s for breakfast” thread, so you see how we might be confused.


Well, you did post a picture of an entire suckling pig in a breakfast thread as well as a table loaded with several courses and goodies. Now, if these are your personal pictures and not stock photos, it would stand to reason that you and your party ate or attempted to eat all that is pictured for breakfast.


I do not need to use stock photographs as my husband is a professional photographer and I also take alot of photographs as I am a journalist.

I was answering a British Gentleman I believe, as he was speaking about Mallorca where he has family there.

But believe me, we would not eat Cochinillo for breakfast nor a whole hog either.

I was answering a post; John Hartley I believe.


Goodnight. Have a nice afternoon. It is late here as we get up very early.

Bolivians say palta too!

The avocados in Chile were gorgeous.

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i’ve been on a Japanese bfast kick, as my sister and I watched a show called Miso Hungry (I know) about a dude who went to Japan and transformed his eating habits and lost all kinds of weight but generally got much healthier (walking a lot helped, of course). Anyway, I was inspired, and went to Japantown here in San Francisco, bought a bunch of things, some completely new to me, others I’ve had before, and I’ve been making myself bfasts/lunches since Friday; here are a few.

I really can’t say natto will become a regular item on my table, but making my own miso soup will definitely happen again and again. i’m absolutely loving the yellow pickled radish. I’ve used my own homemade kimchi too, just to mix things up.


Nice! I like Japanese breakfast, especially if there’s natto!

Both the partner and I lose weight after visiting Japan. It happens every time. Also lose weight in Korea and Morocco.

Walking is one of the factors. Portions are a lot smaller and ingredients are of high quality and varied/seasonal.

Here are some more ideas for your future breakfasts:

People who don’t like eating fried fish at 7am then breakfast will be painful :yum:

Fried fish and fried spam (the partner ate all the spam for me. It’s in many things in Okinawa!). Once we got raw eggs. We watched how other guests at the guest house ate… they stirred the raw egg into the rice. I tried it, too. The texture is off-putting if you have an aversion to snot-like foods. But I love natto so…

Buddhist cuisine

But I like warm breakfasts in Vietnam, too.

Morocco (love the fresh cheese there)

Actually, pan-fried flatbread.


thanks! i love Spam but don’t think it’s the healthiest choice, obvs. but, in moderation… i think I’m done with my experimentation with natto. didn’t hate it but life’s too short to eat things that are just ok/weird (to me) for health benefits, when there are so many other delicious healthy foods to choose from.

i would eat fish in the morning but the BF hates it and the smell would be unpleasant for him. of course, i could eat canned sardines, mussels, etc.

i lose weight and/or at least maintain almost every trip i take because of all the walking, despite making an utter pig of myself wherever i travel!


Pop-Tarts this morning. Strawberry. No frosting. Toasted medium-low. Don’t judge me.


Leftover ham = hash time! Potato, onion and ham topped with two fried eggs


Faux Egg Benedict + thick white bread, SPAM, poached egg.


Grilled chocolate and raspberry jam sandwich with vanilla ice cream. Bread and ice cream are homemade, coffee is home-roasted. Tried a new pour over method from April Coffee. Trying different methods is a great way to make the same coffee taste new and interesting.


Very unconventional late breakfast.

I had thawed a bag of green fava beans which was in the fridge and being left alone (wife is out of town) after coffee it was breakfast. Cooked in water the tasted like the sea :rofl: then drained and hit with a splash of evoo and Japanese soy sauce.

Ate them all. Stomach is not rumbling. Yet

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Pan tomaca. Common on the Iberian Peninsula, with or without ham.


I’m not normally a big breakfast guy but today was a exception. Pancakes (well done I love the crispy edges) strawberry-chocolate chip-butterscotch chips.

Pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel - a Jersey staple. Also my personal favorite my grilled cheese with pork roll and egg!!


An accident then in where I posted the photographs.

It happens.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold