What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

(Robin) #1

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”
“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”
“I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully, “It’s the same thing,” he said.
A.A. Milne

We had the new special at our local Spanish cafe…poached eggs on top of spinach and a toasted savory bread pudding round. The bread pudding had mushrooms and shallots. This was really good, and was enough for breakfast and lunch.


Snow for breakfast
Breakfast. How we start our day

That’s SPANISH??? LOL. But it looks and sounds lovely.


(Ailsa Konzelman) #3

That looks awesome. I’m a bit ashamed to say I had leftover pizza.

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I did, too, without the shame. :smile:

We have a breakfast place around here that offers a variety of Benedicts–reminds me of the OP’s plate. My favorite one is the California–with bacon, tomato and avocado. I have a hard time ordering anything else when I go there.

Me, tomorrow? I think a donut run to my favorite local spot, Neil’s Donuts in Wallingford. My latest bright idea is the two donut setup–one for Sunday, and one to make Monday morning shine a little brighter.

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(John Hartley) #5

Not like any breakfast I’ve had in Spain. Outside of touristy places, I’ve only ever seen bread, cake or churros being served for breakfast in cafes.

As for the OP, my breakfasts are repetitive and not very interesting. Weekdays, it’s bread, toast or muesli. Sunday, I usually cook something - this morning it was bacon & scrambled eggs with a slice of bread as the carb.



There is always fresh squeezed citrus juice of some sort and a latte. Today: cheese and ham and pickled mustard seeds on one toast, strawberry jam on another (even breakfast needs dessert). Bread, jam and mustard homemade, coffee home roasted, whole milk from a local dairy. Life is good.



I wish I’d taken a picture :slight_smile: A GREAT breakfast. I had a big piece of the potato leek galette leftover from a dinner. Cooked bacon and then fried the galette in the bacon fat. Over easy eggs and buttered rosemary sourdough toast.


(Chris) #8

Today was breakfast at our local Venezuelan place. The breakfast is not actually on the breakfast menu but one I’ve built and usually have. Two beef empanadas,two fried eggs, back beans and cheese, Also shared a portion of fried plantains. Only downside is their terrible coffee so had my usual of soursop smoothie and went for coffee at the bakery next door.

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(John) #9

Today i scarfed down a piece of olive oil lemon cake on a train platform on my way to NYC UWS for some day drinking to celebrate a great friends 40th.

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(Natascha) #10

An assortment of wraps and pita triangles from Wegmans, courtesy of the film crew I was working with today. The filming was decidedly the more exciting part of “breakfast”.


(Robin) #11

Yeah, not the best example of the Spanish lean of the menu…generally we have pan con tomato y jamon, torrija, patatas bravas, or churros con chocolate.

Today I used some left over red sauce thinned out a bit and when hot added two eggs. Double espresso with almond milk.

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Excellent quote!!! Whinnie the Pooh and Piglet are wise.
Unfortunately my weekday morning breakfasts are more about convenience and function than pleasure- usually some version of greek yogurt with fruit and nuts…and always coffee!
Weekends i often meet friends for brunch (anything from dim sum to middle eastern or traditional american) or i seek out a proper bagel- today was a pumpernickle with pb and j at absolute bagels (totally worth the line)

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O’Rourkes? I haven’t been to Neil’s or Whitney enough yet to know which one is my favorite.



No, over by you–Spicy Green Bean. LOVE that place! Great food, dig those “breffie” potatoes, such friendly service. And I love the ever-changing art on display from Stefanie Marco (Kindspin Design). One day, I’m going to own one of those cameras.

Never been to Whitney. If you like Boston cream (it’s my favorite), Neil’s is tough to beat.



Haven’t been there in ages, we had a couple of not so good experiences so we’ve stayed away. Glad to hear about breakfast, your picture looks tasty! Looks like purple potatoes, which I just bought today at Roses (last day of the farmstand:(



No, already the last day? I hope that’s not true as I meant to get some apples from Berruti’s or Belltown this week. It all happened much too quickly.

Yes, for sure, I have had nothing but consistently great breakfasts at SGB. Maybe give them a try again, but remember, that’s weekends only. Sunday all day and Saturday till noon, I think.



Berruti’s is still open. Called today because I need some apples. :slight_smile: Not sure I’ve seen purple badadas there, but if I see them, I’ll let you know!



I thought they would still be open, and Belltown is open for a long time! The Roses on Hebron Ave is closed, but I’m guessing the main location might still be open? I need some apples too! Dondero has them $1/lb.



Ah, OK. Berruti’s will be open for a while, too. They have tons of apples, all sorts of varieties.


(John Hartley) #20

I had an early appointment at the doctor’s for a fasting blood test. Which was an excuse to go for breakfast afterwards at the village cafe:-

Bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomato, toast coffee.

In the words of the late Hovis Presley “It’s a meal in itself really”