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Yum! I always took a sample, but headed over to D’Angelo’s (Massachusetts, here) because I loved their Greek Salad pita with extra feta and olives.


Here’s something rarely posted about - The Cooking Fail!

Picked up some peppers this morning so I mixed up some ground pork with spices and made a nice Italian sausage blend that I formed into patties and fried up.


Sliced up those peppers and some onion and fried those up as well. Then, following in the tradition of my people, I opened a jar of Rao’s sauce.

Finally I layered the sausage, peppers, onions, and sauce into my silicone baking dish and got out that bag of white cheese from the back of my fridge…


Which turned out to be swiss cheese :scream:


Step 1 - Render some fat out of the andouille sausage
Step 2 - Cook chicken, onion, and peppers in that rendered fat
Step 3 - Add rice and cajun seasoning to cook for 2 minutes
Step 4 - Add 3 cups of chicken stock
Step 5 - Bring to a boil and then simmer 30 minutes


Jambalaya is such a PITA, but the results are so worth it!


I don’t find jambalaya to be a pita but you are correct about the results, and yours looks fantastic


Thanks for the notes, looks tasty!

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I’m constantly mixing things that might not be made for the purpose I use it for. Not sure if that made sense or if it was a Yogi Berra-ism. In any event, I used a rendang beef mix to marinate some double cut lamb chops and then broiled them.


Sometimes it’s a bust and sometimes just delicious. These were awesome!


Not familiar with rendang, so I Googled and found it’s a curry. Sounds tasty. I love lamb chops! Where did you get those double-cut ones?

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Cut them myself from a Wegman’s rack as an early Xmas treat for myself. :wink:


In the past, I’ve been known to cut a lamb rack into single chops. Never done double-cut. Last New Year’s Eve, I made a whole rack of lamb. I ordered it from Lobel’s in NYC. It was very expensive but totally worth it as the lamb was seriously delicious. Lately, I’ve been buying kosher shoulder lamb chops at ShopRite. Of course, completely different from rib chops cut from a rack.


What's for Dinner #76 - the HO "Ho, Ho, Ho" Edition - December 2021 - #307 by paryzer What's for Dinner #76 - the HO "Ho, Ho, Ho" Edition - December 2021 - #307 by paryzer

A generally crappy day so a lot of cooking. Following my old adage that you can never have too many blueberries, I made these surprisingly healthy muffins ( secrets are Kodiak power cake mix and greek yogurt )

And I put this in the oven early this morning and just pulled it out now. Chinese Red Cooked whole pork shoulder.

One of these days I will learn how to cook for one person.


When you do, please tell me the secret! This is why I have NO space left in my freezer. At all times.


Came back from lunch to a full ribeye roll on my desk. Meat work holiday gift.
Split in half for a roast, which I had never done before, and some steaks. Roast could have been better. I blame the unrendered fat streak as shown. Steaks came out great.


I had one of those twin packs of pork tenderloin so I trimmed them up, sliced them fairly uniformly, and pounded them out into thin cutlets.

Did the three step, seasoned flour, egg wash, seasoned breadcrumbs and fried them all until golden brown and delicious.

I’d say it was an old Jewish tradition that fried food brings luck for the new year, but I did use pork. :grin:

Happy 2022 to all us HOs!


Looking good

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I never think to do this. But man pork cutlets are some of the best eats around. I’ve seen restaurants offering them more as chicken is getting scarce and $$$. Big fan of it.
Those looks awesome sir

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Decided to start the new year off with a good breakfast to hopefully help kick covid out of the house!!! (Yep Christmas Eve we got hit, surprisingly just one member of the house and so far, knock on wood, no one else)

Breakfast casserole, started with biscuits topped with a sausage hash, topped with and egg pocket (every one received a has brown from Dunkin Donuts as a surprise. I wasn’t sure I had enough potatoes to fill the pan so I bought a couple hash browns as filler “just in case”)
The egg was perfectly cooked with some creamy yolk and some sausage gravy on the side!



Today was a good day for brunch and some New York Rangers’ hockey. Eggs in a Basket.

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