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What’s up my NJ peeps, a link to the back story for this sandwich. My son (and his contemporaries) like these NJ “Fat Sandwiches”, which was never something I understood. So this is for my son for lunch tomorrow; Fat Ass Jersey Shore Special-
Half loaf Italian bread (it’s wheat! Look I’m healthy!!)
Rigatoni, smashed meatballs-sausage-short rib-prepared in Sunday gravy. Topped with grated pecorino Romano-provolone and Dutch Gouda via Aruba.

Oh to be young again!! I could never eat this thing!!


Umm…not sure why you could never eat this thing. Right up my alley although the rigatoni is a bit much. Here is how my GF and I took leftover sausage and peppers to work recently…


That’s a beauty too! I couldn’t eat a half sub of that, just the sheer volume not the combo!! Hell I created it!!

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Mine is on a very manageable Calandra sub roll. Who can eat a full size sub? Been fantasizing about the perfect sandwich. The best of deli Pastrami, Mexican Cemita, Banh Mi, Roast Pork and Italian sub.


Any chance these will be for sale ? Maybe a stand outside your house?

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Having had a Dinic’s roast pork/broccoli rabe sandwich yesterday, I can attest to the fact that sometimes some of us CAN eat the entire thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haven’t found a great meatball sub locally. It’s a big need

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One of the things on my list. Making the meatballs tender and fluffy while still maintaining the meatball flavor is the tough part.

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That sounds wonderful

I thought ziti on pizza was ludicrous till I tried it, and now I’m mad my slice place did away with it (unless you order a whole pie) during the pandemic :joy:

That’s quite a sandwich!


Your cooking was probably the best thing about Monday night’s game.

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Well at least it got Garrett fired. If only gettleman would follow


Chicken liver mousse for tomorrow


Lol. I thought it was poi! Enjoy and Happy thanksgiving!

Def not poi, I can and do eat a lot of things, but never got a taste for poi and I tried it multiple times.

Now, loco Moco is a different story, I think I had it daily on our honeymoon


Turkey number one in


Nice :+1:

Yearly fried turkey and andouille gumbo complete.


For years we used to go to the Freehold Mall and eat at the food court. One of our favorites was always the Bourbon Chicken. That place is long gone, but it turns out this is not too hard to make. Plus, I used real bourbon in mine.

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