What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

Yesterday we had our first cooking project of 2022, which was vegetable spring rolls. The filling was a simple one consisting of Taiwanese cabbage, carrot, scallion, powdered garlic and ginger, soy sauce, and seasoned rice vinegar. I double wrapped them to be on the safe side and they held up perfectly. Also to be a bit healthier, we brushed them with oil and air-fried them. Would they have tasted better deep fried? Of course, but I don’t think too much flavor/texture was lost. Snacked on a couple and had the rest with some Chinese takeout for dinner.

We had some leftover wraps and scrounged around for some “fun” fillings to use them up, which included s’mores, pepperoni pizza, and Mexican queso. No pics since they did not photograph well despite being delicious.


Big pot of Sunday Sauce bubbling away! Justin actually let me help him this time.

And he’s making foccacia:


What meats are there going in that sauce? Meatballs, beef and pork bracciole and sausage?

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Nailed it.

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Finished products…


So many leftovers.


They say that watching tv doesn’t influence your life choices, but I’m not sure I agree. I watched the DDD marathon over new years. Guy went to a joint in St Louis that claimed to have invented toasted ravioli. So, of course today, I had to make toasted ravioli.

Served with some hot tomato sauce on the side for dipping.


Salchipapas or Hot Dogs and Fries or Kurobota Hot Dogs with Fries, Rocoto Salsa, Criolla, and Huancaina.


I almost hate to post this now with lots of HOs posting about lack of chicken, but …

I had a couple of pounds of wings and decided to go throwback with them. I used to take my kids when they were young to Famous Dave’s and the three of us would share a garbage can cover full of wings. No joke, that’s how they used to serve them, on a garbage can lid! And they weren’t just normal buffalo wings, no the best ones were hot bbq.

I fried them up naked ( the wings, not me! ) and then got a good approximation of their sauce using a mix of bbq sauce, franks, and some secret ingredients. Just like the good old days.


Shortly after my breaking pasta in half conversation at work I found myself making meatballs. Lacking grated Italian, I opted to cut up some cheddar slices and toss in. I had planned to use for sandwiches so figured OK. Meatball Jalapeno Mayo on Calandra sub roll.
With the leftover meatballs I wanted to try something different. Some chicken stock garlic sauce over large crouton-like pieces. Came out pretty good as the croutons soaked up the sauce nicely.


I found a different looking pizza shell from Brooklyn Bread and I was lamenting the lack of pizza in my life. I’ll be keeping this brief. Hand sliced sopressata ( I know because I sliced it myself ) and when finished, drizzled with homemade hot honey.


How was it? Looks great!

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This is one of the times that I appreciate learning how to cook.


Oh my, that does look both lovely and delicious!

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Fresh head of Escarole with garlic, leftover sausage and ham with a can of Shoprite cannelini beans. Better Than Bullion and some flavoring…thanks.


I’ve got some ham and scraps & will be making a bean soup tomorrow - craving it! Especially inspired by your soup.

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It was as good as the Beekeepers Lament pie in AP. Surprised @CurlzNJ didn’t pick up on my hints above.

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Oh trust me… it was my first thought! That’s what happens when I read on my phone/on the fly!

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So good that I had to post this here in addition to the WFD thread!

This is one of the most perfect steaks I’ve ever made. I had a NY Strip in the freezer from when I made Steak Au Poivre last week. While I did not make the cream sauce tonight, I did give this cut the peppercorn treatment. Making this without a sauce really let the peppercorn crust shine through. It was crunchy on the outside, tender and medium rare on the interior, and had a nice “warm” spice level. This may become my weekly steak night go-to. No sauce needed! Served with a baked potato (baked directly on the oven rack, no foil) and broccolini, which were cooked in the cast iron while the steak was resting. Topped with some crispy garlic. Meals like this are why I have scaled back on going to restaurants. Damn that was good!


Nicely done Greg !!!

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