What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition


LOL! I don’t think this works with flaky crust, it needs a higher heat to raise, maybe with a cookie crust or a shortcrust pastry.

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I do the same!



LOL, should do it the Chinese way for Hainanese Chicken… Use a cleaver to chop up the chicken in pieces WITH their bones and skins. :laughing:


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I don’t like soggy skins, and the legs (drumsticks) don’t really need to be hacked in half given the concentration of meat :joy:

So better a richer broth!

When I have bone-in breasts as well, I do cut them up.

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I have a nice heavy duty cleaver but I still have never mastered this. I keep thinking about my poor knife and not wanting to ruin the edge. I also have thin cutting boards, and I find it doesn’t provide much cushion to the force I have use to hack through the bone it sits on my counters (even when I layer 3-4 together). I feel like I’m about to break the granite, or I’m not using enough force to cut through. I do miss having something like my mom’s 4 inch thick butcher block, but I would never need it for anything but chopping through chicken bones.

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haha, me too, I have never master the bone chopping. It seems easy when the guy do it in the Cantonese place (take away duck, or pork). I worry that my work top will suffer. Once I put the chop board on the floor, but I worried that my tiles would crack. I think one needs some confidence and strength to do it well.

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And then there’s the problem of bone splinters. Who can guarantee that the bones will cut into clean, splinterless pieces?

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You need a good sharp knife.



But it also has to be a fairly heavy cleaver. A normal sharp knife would chip when splitting bones.

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That’s right. Need a heavy duty chop board too. The normal ones are too fine and delicate for this. Actually I notice my cheap cleaver is not even sharp…but extremely heavy.



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I am just getting into it, but it’s very interesting. So far, the recipes are delicious. My husband knows the author.

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MARCH thread :snowman_with_snow::blossom::partly_sunny::sun_behind_small_cloud::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:



So we tried your hash browns tonight. They came out great. Not quite as beautiful as in your picture, but still great. I had to make two batches. I had the temperature too low on the first batch, so it took a little too long. But the second batch came out really great. I followed your advice about heating the shredded potatoes in the empty pan before getting serious. It was a great success. Thank you!



We tried your cucumber miso appetizer tonight, and liked it very much. We tried it with two different misos, and all of us preferred the lighter version.


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Yay! glad it turned out for you! hash browns are goooood…

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