What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition

It’s freakin’ cold out. Damn near everywhere.

So warming, cozy-comfy meals (and chocolate!) are what’s cooking, I imagine. What’s on your tables this second month of the year?


Depending on what responses I get to my “pimp up my ham and goose ragu” thread, we’ll be having pimped up ham & goose something ragu-like. With sweet potatoes.


Decision made to spin this Italianesque ragu into a North African gloop by the addition of harissa and ras el hanout.


Have not a clue… WTF …WFD?
Perhaps reservations…


As LWhitty stated the other day…“I love this forum”…#metoo"…
If that is appropriate? (not sure anymore)



How about “#samehere


For sure Saregama…. #samehere…but prefer…STOB*…not #metoo

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There was certainly a STOB on that baguette I had last week :joy:


Who does not love some bread with a lot of butter?..
Perhaps…some baguette with butter?
or some white bread with buttah?

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I’m feeling much more human today so have been trying to get caught up on some kitchen endeavors. I had purchased beef soup bones at Grand Asia earlier in the week. Roasted them with garlic, onion and carrots. Put the browned goodies in the stock pot, deglazed the roasting pan, then added parsley, bay, thyme,pepper corns, salt, tomato, celery and about 10 cups of water. It will be simmering for 4-5 hours. The stock will be used for Veselka’s borscht! It was also nice to be able to use up a bit of the water captured from leaving the kitchen sink dripping due to the cold temperatures!

Energy still holding so moved on to prepping for a real meal! Softening tomatoes sliced and marinating before baking. Lamb chops marinating in OO, garlic, and marjoram. Little potatoes washed to become crash hot potatoes. If I’m able I’ll saute the last of the spinach.

The she-devil has realized I have control over her comings and goings. Somehow she climbed up to my second story window (no overhanging trees) and was watching me. When she caught my eye she tapped on the window and appeared to meow. I’m well trained so out I went to let her into her home and open a can of smelly food. My skin is intact to I assume she is happy.


Skipped dinner today in anticipation of tomorrow. I have Saturday free and flights were cheap, so we are visiting King Arthur Flour tomorrow. I’ve been trying for years and decided it was now or never. We’ll be back in almost exactly 24 hours. Wondering if anyone else has ever done something like this…


A local friend, who used to be on CH and is a very serious cook has been there for several classes. She spoke highly of the experience. She also said it was worth a visit even without taking a class.

Have fun! What a spontaneous adventure!


Pan fried pork chops with salt and pepper only :frowning: DH prefers them that way
I had leftover, labor intensive onion soup. I sautéed mushrooms, added the leftover soup and reduced, melted mozzarella into the mashed potatoes … French onion mashed potatoes … DH was very pleased with his dinner tonight.

I ate, some of a very pedestrian vegetable aspic leftover from yesterday, made to suit DH’s tastes, but decent … am I the only person on the planet who likes aspics?


King Arthur Flour isn’t near any airports. Plan on a few hours of driving.

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Yellow rice with shrimp and peas


Have fun! Where do you fly into?

Landed at Logan Intl Airport in Boston. Driving 1 hour to AirBnB exactly half way. Then 1 more hour from there to KAF in the morning.


Plans tonight were postponed to next week due to my friend’s escalating cold/sickness- i feel lucky to have dodged catching anything this winter!

Had some kimchi as an appetizer of sorts, then the rest of last night’s curry soup thing with the surprising plot twist (!!) of added scallions along with the stemmy cilantro. Got a little sweet for me from the carrots and sweet potato after sitting overnight, fixed easily with a squeeze of lime.
Definitely will be making more soon. Photo came out weird/bad but you get the idea


Postponed tonight’s dinner plans with a friend to next week, when it will be 20-30 degrees warmer!

So I suddenly had time for some meal prep that’s been pending.

Pressure cooked 3 kinds of beans for the weekend. Finished making the one prep I had in mind, rest to be revisited.

Marinated chicken thighs in the spice mixture for this recipe that’s really a winner winner chicken dinner :grin:

Then blanked on what to do with the other packet of chicken legs (really, why did I buy both in the same week). Finally decided to marinate some in Rick Bayless’s amazing green chile adobo which I had in the freezer, and cook the rest in a redux of last week’s curry noodle chicken soup (which I finally realized is essentially a lighter khao suey). Added a few handfuls of broccoli slaw for the veggie component. Oh, and chicken skin “crackers” - chefs reward for messing with raw chicken :joy:


The lamb/eggplant stew that I made Sunday, with Urfa biber and a bit of a Greek spice blend, and extra buttery turmeric rice. Heavy on the turmeric - I just can’t get enough of this stuff lately. I love how the eggplant in the stew mimicked fatty little chunks of meat.

Also, butter braised endive and spinach with a crushed garlic clove. TPSTOB, of course.