What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Sounds like the same thing. I think she called it Seafood Newberg but I may be wrong. I liked it but I dreaded it. The pastry was so flaky that shards would fall off the plate. It was so good that we would use our fingers to gather them up and eat. Which was a major etiquette breach…Lots of rapped knuckles with that meal. :face_with_head_bandage:


We had the “Seafood Newberg” too…we are talking early 70’s here. Mom used the refrigerated puff pastry, cream of mushroom soup, some shrimp, scallops, some white fish, lots of butter and who knows what else… From what I remember it was a Campbells béchamel sauce, where in the fish was cooked in it…the puffed pastry was baked with a little hole and then as it was served, she first layered on some frozen peas and carrots (boiled in some water on top of the stove) onto the pastry, and then drowned it with her fish/bechey sauce, topped it with some sort of cheese and slipped under the broiler for a few minutes… think back almost 50 years and we are talking “gourmet” cooking…


Yep, same time period, same method. If she used peas I’ve blocked that from my memory. She did serve the seafood/sauce in a silver chafing dish warmed with Sterno. It felt very sophisticate!

She made it years later at my brothers request , probably mid- 90s. I no longer cared for it. The sauce really tasted fake.


I baked a pan of brownies this afternoon. Scooped out a piping hot serving and topped it with a Heath Klondike Bar. Perfect! Still too stuffed to think of dinner. :blush: Sometimes being grown up is really great!


Would you make it again? The combo sounds good! It would make a good camping meal too.


Of course at this point I was in college and my folks were sort of empty nesters…but my folks could not afford a silver chafing dish…but yes VERY sophisticated…
I clearly remember the frozen peas and carrots…and believe me, it really tasted pretty good!..
Will see if I can find some info on this dish… from the 70’s…

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Yes. Funny that we talked about doing just that as we ate tonight.


Damn .:clap:


This is delicious!

Wow! Blissful… Did you use chicken thighs?

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We did! Well, DH did. Recipe from the Gaza Kitchen

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Sounds great! Yup, I made a cucumber-yogurt sauce with cumin, dried mint, salt, and a little turmeric.

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That looks fantastic, could you please share your sources and tips??

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What a memory!


I don’t even really care for pizza, but this looks very good. drool


Private chef, what a privilege! :yum:
How do you find the book?

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The WoksOfLife recipe is a good reference. I strayed a bit - more aromatics, plus some cilantro stems and lemongrass because I had them.

Once the meat was cooked, I took it off the bone and returned the bones and skin to the pot, and pressure cooked it to get a stronger stock.

ETA: the green (scallion/ginger) sauce is utterly addictive - worth making in large quantity!


Seem to find a solution, at least for this experiment. For reheating the pie the 2 second time, the bottom was soggy, I preheated the oven with the maximum temperature at 275ºC/ 527ºF pizza mode, with a ceramic dish for at least 20 minutes, I tossed the remains of the pie 4 minutes in the hot dish. To my surprise the bottom crust was crispy… But it can be very delicate as the heat darkened the top at the same… can burn the stuff easily.

I read somewhere for crispy crust base, cook in low heat for 2 hours…

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No, I used legs/drumsticks. My closest store doesn’t stock bone-in thighs, so for soup/stock I just buy legs.


Started a March '19 thread here:


:open_mouth: My actual face. This blows my mind.