What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition

SMarch - the thirteenth month of the year, according to The Simpsons. That month when an occasional sign of Spring pops up…annnnnnd then gets slammed down again by yet another snowstorm.

It’s yet another version of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown…FOOLED YA! :::thud:::

Probably the cruelest month of the year, but there’s hope. Spring is coming! So - are you cooking winter food or aiming for lighter fare?


Definitely lighter food. I am ever the optimist. The snowdrops have all but finished and early daffodils are in full flower. I had a pleaant stroll to the village this morning.

Dinner tonight - haddock - fried and served with chips and peas. Malt vinegar to shake over everything, of course.


It’s a month that we think spring is there, but in fact not quite… especially for clothes, and for food too… Thanks @LindaWhit for the new thread !!

To celebrate this and other things, we will be dining out tonight in the city for some French food at l’Arcane…


Snowed here last night and we’re off to 80 degree weather in Orlando for a day trip tomorrow. I’m interested to see if my food cravings adjust immediately to lighter food.

We might actually do something else in Orlando besides eat. Still, I hope to have enough for a trip report.


!!! Please do! If it were more than a day I would have suggestions…but traffic there makes everything take longer. It is the start of strawberry season though! Have fun.

Son returning tomorrow , requested Chile con carne
So, am making Mexican hot sauce for the Chile, enough with left over to be frozen for enchilada, chicken vindaloo etc.
Chiles are the Mexican holy trinity Chile pods ( pasilla, mulato and ancho) plus some Chile arbor, New Mexico Hatch Chile pods, toasted in oven at 200 degrees till fragrant ( but not burnt), Picture show one tray but I. have two trays prepared,. These were

softened in warm water, discarded water ( it can be bitter), stems removed ( kept the seeds) , pureed in cuisinart with 4 quarts of chicken broth ( 4 tbsp Better Than Chicken Bouillon ) , half of the onions I had caramelized with EVOO and butter), cumin, salt, a inch of sugar , rancho gordo’s oregano, bay leaf, some of the frozen garlic that I Had roasted with EVOO, and a half a can of tomato sauce. Let it come to a boil, simmered till thick. Once it is ready, I added a few piece of chipotle and some adobo sauce
This is part one so, I added part of this to the Chile con carne that I am cooking


Part 2-Chile con carne
I browned 3. lbs of organic grass fed beef , then added half of the caramelized onions, some cider vinegar, left over half can of tomato sauce, enough of the red Chile sauce then simm

ered for an hour and then added 3 cans of red beans, 2 cans of great northern beans, a can of cannelleni beans.
I cannot taste it but want to add black beans and corn which I will buy tomorrow as I am out of those



I think you’ll be ready.

I’m baking marinated chicken breasts in the oven right now. Wife has put together an outrageous lettuce salad as a go-with. Don’t think there will be pics.

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We had melt in your mouth country ribs with a Cajun dry rub and Mrs. P made spicy roasted brussels sprouts with kimchi dressing that included chopped garlic, ginger, Korean gochujang paste, red pepper flakes, red onion, fish sauce, scallions, Kosher salt, and sugar, among other ingredients :yum: It had a nice kick to it and went great with a spicy 2016 Tobia Tempranillo.


Creamy chicken and potato pierogi stew. Homemade stock. Really simple and tasty.


Fun day. Not.

Client invoicing will continue into the weekend to get ahead of it for Monday, which might be a Work From Home day anyway, depending on the weather.

Dinner was a bits and bobs meal to use up some pizza dough, caramelized onion and mushrooms.

Sauteed asparagus and mushroom pizza with a hybrid caramelized onion-Alfredo sauce.


It’s Friday and I’m not going anywhere.


Been a day of cleaning up messes and accidents. Another day of rain has not helped. Feeling rather irked and kitchen tasks are not appealing. Salmon patties if I get motivated, frozen mussels/tomato sauce over yellow rice if I get a little burst of energy, bowl of cereal if it stays like it is. Either way I won’t go hungry!

Maybe it will just be popcorn and a flick! I’ll decide once the next batch of laundry is done. These cats are lucky that I really love them…:persevere:

Happy weekend!


Carrot coconut soup.

I don’t know about the “S” in SMarch… it snowed overnight and this morning, and the forecast is for wintry mix all the way through Monday…

Grateful for warm and warming meals.


Such fancy brussel sprouts! And I’m distracted by the gorgeous orchid in the background- my black thumb prevents me from buying any more myself


Nothing spring like here in nyc…!
I had an afternoon snack of garlic knots from the fabulous place so wasn’t too hungry but also wanted something hot and needed veggies. Picked up red cabbage so i could pretend like I’m branching out from my cabbage fixation. I mashed together a few recipes for russian braised cabbage, lots of cutting on my mandolin. One of the recipes included carrots which sounded good so those were sliced up too.
Lots of onions, cider vinegar, caraway seed, white pepper, ketchup (which I questioned but multiple recipes called for it so i did), salt and olive oil.
Started out really pretty!

Turned out with the cabbage coloring the carrots and the liquid in the pot

Added some plain cashew yogurt (forager’s) to my bowl after a few bites, that did the trick.


Spag bol with broccolini and also wine :wine_glass:.


My type of dish . :plate_with_cutlery:


There’s supermarket crab pate to be used up. On toast, with slices of cucumber and a dollop of my homemade cucumber pickle.

Followed by slow roast shoulder of lamb with roast butternut squash and broad beans. And gravy - enhanced with a splash of pomegranate molassses (which we seem to add to every gravy these days. And mint sauce (from a jar - it’s far too early for the mint in the garden to be showing signs of life.

For dessert, a Nigel Slater recipe from “Real Fast Puddings” . Chunks of eating apples simmer in a pan along with 50g butter, a little honey, pinch of cinnamon and raisins. It gets poured over ice cream (we have Green & Black’s vanilla)

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Fish market.
Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr