What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Ahhh - that’s right. You’re not in the States. LOL

(ChristinaM) #775

That pie looks fantastic


That is my idea of a perfect day!


I make a variety of pot pies. As a solo cook there are always leftovers. Since I’m not a fan of soggy crusts I now simply omit the bottom. The hot filling is put into the pie pan then covered with the crust and baked. As leftovers the top holds up much better than the bottom crust did. Plus saves a few calories!


I saw an chicken pie recipe by Jamie Oliver, like your what you described, it has only the upper crust. Just now, I tried to reheat the remaining of the pie, no way that I can reverse this soggy situation even I tried the pizza position in the oven.


My Mother used to make a “fancy” creamy seafood dish. The method used could be another workaround for the soggy crust issue. The hot filling was served over just baked individual sized squares of puff pastry. She used a frozen prepared puff pastry. The beauty of this method is you only prepare the amount of pastry you need!


This is a solution, especially with flaky crust.

This remind me of lemon tart, the cookie crust is cooked on its own and the cooled down lemon curd mixture pour into the crust, so no problem of this even with overnight in the fridge.

I wonder a completely cooked flaky base with the cold insert (chicken and leek etc cooled down in the fridge) and in the oven for 15 minutes, maybe the base could remain crunchy. I wonder how those chefs in restaurant do…maybe on a pizza stone?


The Southern solution is to just serve the filling over hot baked biscuits!


When you blind bake the bottom crust, how do you crimp the top crust with the baked bottom crust?

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I started another thread asking for help combining canned Corned Beef Hash and Cabbage in a Stir Fry dish. I received great suggestions there. Here’s our plated meal:

Wife was a bit petulant that I “didn’t use enough cabbage.”

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This is how my mom made chicken pie when we were kids - flaky crust but only on top. Not that there were any leftovers back then… it was a rare treat, and we scarfed it all down!


That was not easy, as the bottom was hot, I moved quickly with the chicken and leek and put the cold uncooked top dough slightly crimping at the sides and back to the oven for another 30 minutes, including 15 minutes under a parchment paper.


Looked good!


So Chili.
Shredded Manchego cheese.
Hefty dollop of sour cream.

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Köfte kebabs with grilled fennel and peppers

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Oh goodness. Did you make the kofte?


Do I see that you snuck in a little Tazaki? Looks yummy!!
Under the weather here , just a bad head cold , as Mrs. Ph has been fighting bronchitis for 8 days now since we returned from Ecuador … Last week I made a big pot of chicken soup and froze 6 portions so she could have it on demand…Well tonight I demanded the soup, so I dug some from the frostulator and tried to warm the soul…


Hope the soup does the trick and you both feel better soon!

(saregama) #792

Finally made the Hainanese Chicken (Legs) and Rice I have been intending to for weeks.

Had a mug of the fragrant broth too.


Ha! My mom made something similar, on the rare occasion we had company for dinner- i remember it as something creamy with shrimp (there’s a seafood shop on the local warf, probably was bay shrimp, she’s not a fan of most other seafood)
It was like a puff pastry square with a hollow square in the center