What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



We have replaced much of our plastic storage containers with IKEA glass ones. They take up a lot of space, but then again, we keep our fridge and freezer on the lean side. It’s the way I’ve always approached food, I prefer to shop as I need to. For me, it cuts down on food waste. And I love food shopping the way some folks like to shop for clothes. I could go everyday (I go every 2-3 days).

I feel like we could break this out into a separate hopefully fun thread - what’s in your fridge/freezer right now (no styling allowed)?


And I apologize for inserting this line of discussion on this board but awareness is a good thing. I hope folks don’t feel like I was trying to shame / guilt. But I see a lot of plastic-wrapped food in the grocery store (and gawd knows I’m guilty). Can we affect change (such as stores switching to paper bags)? I think the answer is “yes we can.”


When I’m at that stage I prefer to think that I have the husky voice of a '40’s film diva!


The meals sound wonderful! Hope your Fathers health issues improve quickly!


I enjoy this visual much better! Thank you!


I guess it’s Madame H.


Same here, Mister N caught the same thing…


We have a thread on that… Found it.


Yup! My mother would drag me to JoAnn Fabrics for hours. Now, I drag my family members to grocery stores for hours.

“Going through this aisle for the 4th time is not going to make your Doubanjiang magically appear!!”

“They’re all mung beans! There’s no difference. You don’t have to study each and every packet.”

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I live with someone who shops this way! :roll_eyes:


Start a support group!


Quick and dirty poke tonight, no sad desk dinner! Rice not pictured.

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Korean? Lettuce and all else beef wraps. Tasty but hard to eat.


We are back to cool weather so I pulled the borscht components from the freezer, combined and it is finishing off at a slow simmer. So far it tastes great! Should be even better tomorrow. Crusty baguette on the side and tangerines later for dessert.


Love borscht! What ingredients did you use?

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These are take-aways from the conference?


I made a pork and beet based version from the cookbook of an Ukrainian restaurant located in NYC, Veselka’s. I always order this when I eat there!

This is the recipe:

The above doesn’t include the separate recipe for the beef stock:

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Ground beef stroganoff over ww noodles, smoked-paprika sprouts